Whis And Beerus Did Something Strange When Ultra Instinct Returned


Kefla fires a barrage of power blasts at Goku to assure her victory, but things didn’t go as she thinks. Goku began to glow silver and succeeded to avoid all of the Ki blasts. Everyone is stunned. Kefla believes it is a fluke and attacks again. Goku dodges all of the strikes once more with his eyes closed. Kefla is shocked. When Goku opens his eyes, he has gone Ultra Instinct and looks the way he did versus Jiren.

Everyone is amazed to see Goku re-enter the Ultra Instinct. But Whis showed Negative emotion after looking at Goku in Ultra Instincts.

Whis said “I didn’t expect Goku to reach Ultra Instincts again throughout this tournament,” he narrows his eyes and his look was somehow very intense. And Beerus, although he seemed pumped up in anticipation to see Ultra Instincts in action, he also seemed a little strangely with some sweat building and gritting his teeth.

Whis, the facial emotion was out-of-character. During the series, Toei has never drawn Whis or any of the angels for that stuff, with a facial look that conveys a negative emotion. When chaos is around them, they always show relaxing face.

Well, I don’t see why he’d be mad, given that he seemed to mainly trying to teach Goku and Vegeta to reach this state early in the series.

Possible reasons

Maybe he’s just shocked at how fast Goku grows and at the potential of Goku, not only Goku but each of the Saiyans appear to have.

Or Maybe a mortal body experiences several drawbacks when using this technique. I think the shortening of the lifespan, Goku’s power growth could lead to it exceeding his body’s limit too quickly.

He could develop beyond the power of the angels, overpowering the cosmic power structure.

At first, it looked as if he was dissatisfied or concerned that Goku achieved Ultra Instincts a second time, but now that I think about it it would make sense for him to be confused instead.

I guess the animators were unable to convey that expression as correctly on his face. This happened before too with Kale, back when she was observing Cabba teaching Caulifla.


Jiren’s Own Over-powered Meme Montage

Before you can have your own meme, you must have to do something very ridiculous, funny, amazing, or just simply badass. But you know, Jiren is just so overpowered that he doesn’t need to do any of these things. And just like his overwhelming power, his overwhelming memes comes naturally.

Folks from Facebook page “Goku” dropped these memes on their page and this creative series of pictures all show how powerful Jiren is. Most of the pictures are never combat related, which makes it even more interesting like this picture below. Folks from NASA would be interested.

No one can beat Jiren right now and the only one who can take a beating from him is Son Goku on his UI mode. Because of this, some fans are comparing him to Chuck Norris. A brilliant folk out there made the illustration easier by creating this picture. I haven’t seen something more accurate today than this one.

Hit got a point here, but then again, the Tournament of Power turned into a one on one battle royale. Even though teamwork was emphasized from the start, it was expected to turn like this.Nobody listens to Gohan anymore, that saddens….