Which Chapter Is ‘Heaven’s Official Blessing’ On?

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Which chapter is Heaven Official Blessing On?

Heaven’s Official Blessing is a BL novel written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, who is also the writer of Mo Dao Zu Shi, a famous BL web novel as well as anime set up in ‘Wuxia’ World. Heaven’s Official Blessing features Xie Lian, who used to be the Crown Prince of Xian Le. Due to his good deeds, he ascended to Heaven as a god. He ascended and descended too many times, but he has one worshipper who never forgot about him, even though 800 years had passed. The novel is completed hence the novel readers know the ending, but the manhua readers are a little ahead of the anime fans of Heaven’s Official Blessing. So, in which chapter is ‘Heaven’s Official Blessing’ on?

Heaven’s Official Blessing has an ongoing manhua and a completed novel. The donghua/anime has 1 season, which is censored by China because Boys’ Love dramas and anime have no choice but to dance around China’s LGBTQ censors and feature bromance instead of romance. The second season of Heaven’s Official Blessing, also known as Tian Guan Ci Fu, is going to air sometime in late 2022 as well. It will contain what is currently happening in the manhua right now.

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Which Chapter Is ‘Heaven’s Official Blessing’ On?

Heaven Official Blessing’s web novel is written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, but it is being transformed into a manhua by a talented artist whose alias is STARember. A new chapter is published weekly on the Bilibili app and website. In April 2021, an official English translation became available on the Bilibili Comics app, which updates with a new chapter every Wednesday.

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Which chapter is Heaven's Official Blessing On?
Hua Cheng and Xie Lian in traditional Chinese Bridal dress

The manhua Heaven’s Official Blessing is currently on Chapter Episode 72, where Xie Lian and the Wind God are going to the Ghost City where San Lang resides. The Wind God transforms into a woman because the stronger Yin energy in women helps them to blend in easily and move discreetly through the place. The first season only covered till episode 61, so there’s a high chance that Season 2 will get adapted from episode 62 and ahead.

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What is ‘Heaven’s Official Blessing’ about?

The manhua is really beautiful with spectacular art by the artist, STARember. It follows the story of the web novel Tian Guan Ci Fu. Xie Lian used to be the Crown Prince of Xian Le. He saves a child during a parade and defeats a strong ghost which leads him to ascend to Heaven. For the first few years, he stays happily, but once there is chaos on earth, he decides to descend to earth to help the humans. He ascends again but is demoted again. Finally, almost every human forgets him, and his temples get demolished.

Which chapter is Heaven's Official Blessing On?
STARember’s official art of TGCF

After 800 years, he is sent to earth as a God of Trash, and he decides to make a temple for himself. Soon, he meets a guy in red clothes who helps him by making a gorgeous painting of Xie Lian for the worshippers. He and Xie Lian grow closer, and soon they start to go on missions. Xie Lian gets to know that a lot of brides get kidnapped in the area. He volunteers to dress as one of the brides to investigate the case. Surprisingly, just as he’s about to be kidnapped, a guy lends him a hand and saves him. He was wearing crimson red clothes with an umbrella, and silver butterflies kept jumping all around him. Soon the case is solved by Xie Lian, and the Ghost behind the case is arrested by some Heavenly Official.

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What is currently going on in the manhua?

On their first mission, him, the guy in red, and two other heavenly officers are sent to the Gobi desert to investigate a case of disappearing people. Only half of the troops who went into the desert came back alive. This situation turned out to be something very closely related to Xie Lian’s past. The guy in red, San Lang, helped Xie Lian bring the situation in control as Xie Lian almost had near to no spiritual powers.

Which chapter is Heaven's Official Blessing On?
Chibi art of Hualian

The Wind God arrived and saved the day, soon unfolding the case into something which involved a high-rank Heavenly Officer, who took revenge for his own selfish reasons. Xie Lian and San Lang get pretty close after these incidents. The Crown Prince is summoned to Heaven to give his testimony on the case. Meanwhile, San Lang leaves the temple. The Emperor inquires about plenty of things, and by this time, it’s pretty obvious that San Lang is no one else, but Hua Cheng, one of the Four Ghost Kings, Crimson Rain Sought Flower. He sends Xie Lian and the Wind God to the Ghost City to investigate.

Where To Read Heaven’s Official Blessing Manhua?

Heaven’s Official Blessing Manhua can be read officially on the Bilibili Comics website as well as the app, free of cost.

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