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Where Was The Sacketts Filmed? What We Know About The Location

Where Was The Sacketts Filmed

The Sacketts was released in 1979. It is a Western film made for television in the United States. The film is directed by Robert Totten. This film stars Tom Selleck, Glenn Ford, Sam Elliott, and Jeff Osterhage. This film was adapted from the novel The Daybreakers (1960). In addition to Sackett (1961). Written by Louis L’Amour, these novels are considered some of his best works. In 1869, the Sackett brothers were the subject of the film. The family leaves Tennessee. Also, Together, they decided to move to Santa Fe.

If we talk about the Sackett family, They are a fictional American family. The story of this family appears in a number of western novels, short stories as well as historical novels. Besides, throughout the novels, the history of the family is explored. It is told from the perspective of various characters in the family as they relocate from England and settle in the Appalachians. After that, they moved westward to the Great Plains, the Rockies, and California. They do not follow the rise and fall of clans or extended families like James A. Michener’s novels.  Instead, they tie together both major and minor characters in several Western novels.

Sackett is the ninth Sackett novel in the chronology of the series. He published the book in 1961. 1960 marked the first publication of Daybreakers. But it was not the first chronologically. This story is about William Tell Sackett. He is a veteran of the Union army. He also headed west following the war in order to find a suitable place to settle down as a rancher. William is also the protagonist in several other Sackett novels. He was the brother of Tyrel and Orrin Sackett. They went west to New Mexico in 1867 in “The Daybreakers”.

Where Was The Sacketts Filmed?

The Sackett was filmed in Old Tuscan Studios. It attracted a large following. Quite unlike other movies, this movie is quite different. The movie was made before the name of TS was well known. This resulted in the fans seeing a much thinner and rougher actor. Regardless of how they may be used to it. However, the movie was still well-received by fans. Also, Orrin and Tell Sackett are portrayed in this movie in the best way possible. Despite the fact that it was based on two novels (“The Daybreakers” and “Sackett”), the screenplay remained true to the source texts.

Also, for fans, it was as authentic a portrayal of the times. It could not have been accurate without a camera running in the late 1800s. Also, supporting actors brought a lot to the table. They were able to attract a large fanbase for these reasons. We know that great fanbases are also associated with different conversations. There were many fans who fell in love with the location where the movie is filmed. Therefore, they wanted to know Where Was The Sacketts Filmed?

Talking about where The Sacketts was filmed, the entire movie was filmed in one location. The movie was filmed at Old Tucson Studios. This was located at -201 S. Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona, USA. A city in Arizona, USA, Tucson is the seat of Pima County.  Old Tucson was a movie studio and theme park in the United States. This studio was in the west of Tucson, Arizona, right next to the Tucson Mountains and just west of Saguaro National Park. The studio was built in 1939 for filming Arizona (1940). Since then, the location has been used to film numerous films. Numerous television westerns have also been filmed there.

Where Was The Sacketts Filmed

Old Tucson Studios

Synopsis of the movie

‘The Sacketts” is a television movie featuring three brothers. Tell, Orrin, and Tyrell were the names of the three brothers. It’s been a few years since Tell left home. Further, he was playing cards with another man named Bigelow. The man pulled a gun on Tell when he called him a cheater. But Tell shot him dead.

Meanwhile, an incident forces Tyrell and Orrin to leave home. On the way, they bump into two old cowboys. The two cowboys were Tom Sunday and Cap Rountree. They were herding some cattle to Sante Fe. The two men joined them and began educating the boys. In the meantime, Tell became a prospector. Later, he eventually meets up with his brothers. Cap Rountree decides to join him as well. When Orrin and Tyrell arrive in Sante Fe, they become embroiled in a conflict. Ultimately, the conflict stems from Mexicans struggled with Americans who wanted to leave them. In the meantime, Tell was under pursuit from the Bigelow brothers.

Where Was The Sacketts Filmed

Tell, Orrin, and Tyrell

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