Where Is The Notebook Filmed? Filming Locations & Plot

Where Is The Notebook Filmed?
The Notebook

The Notebook has created an outstanding impression amongst the movie viewers. Its popularity enabled this romantic film to create its place in the hearts of the people. Based on the best-selling novel of Nicholas Sparks, the story of this film takes us through all the transitions of having a partner in your life. Moreover, it even generated higher standards and expectations when it comes to having a life partner. The movie equally divides the dynamics of a young couple and an everlasting love till the end. Apart from the storyline, several other aspects garnered maximum attention from the viewers. These aspects included the characters, accent, costume, and filming locations.

This romantic drama film is Nick Cassavetes’ directorial. The scenic beauty of this film got him several acclaims. The Notebook was filmed around the sophisticated places of South Carolina. Throughout the whole film, they’ve moved to different places like Canada. And these locations added a completely different change to the concept of the movie’s storyline. Moreover, sorting out the locations was a difficult task. And soon, after a long time, filmmakers decided to shoot the whole movie in Charleston. Both the lead actors had to live amongst the residents to learn more about their acting genre.

Where is The Notebook Filmed?

To be precise, several scenes captured massive attention from the public. Before The Notebook was filmed, the creators of this film set up both the lead actors to completely accustom themselves to the tasks that were necessary for the originality of the movie. Thus, Ryan Gosling had to take woodworking classes to shape up his character in the movie. On the other hand, Rachel McAdams started to learn all the basic forms of Ballet which also included her daily training and prepping up her accent. And soon, the shooting was started.

where was the notebook filmed
Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun and Rachel McAdams as Allie Hamilton

At first, things turned out to be difficult because several scenes needed ultimate precaution which also included the lake scene in Cypress Gardens. The scene was a conversation between Noah and Allie. Moreover, the filmmakers had to shoot this scene when the alligators were hibernating. The Notebook was filmed in South Carolina, and this drew many people towards the concept of the story. There were some shots that they couldn’t shoot completely because of some restrictions. As per the story, Allie lives in Charleston, but she spends the summer with her parents on Seabrook Island.

Moreover, for the conversation scenes, you will find multiple swans in the lake. But to be precise, the lake doesn’t have any swans. The creators of this film bought them specifically to shoot this scene at the Cypress Gardens. If you watch the movie carefully, you’ll remember that Allie completed her studies from Sarah Lawrence. But the college never existed in New York. To maintain the authenticity of the movie, they shot the scenes in Charleston itself. The filming of The Notebook also included Noah and Allie’s first date, wherein the couple had fun on a street. The creators shot this at King Street in Charleston.

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The Notebook Plot Summary

The movie starts with the introduction of Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun and Rachel McAdams as Allison Hamilton. Noah spots and falls in love with her immediately. So he comes forward with his confession, and after many efforts, he successfully manages to arrange a date. Both of them soon become inseparable, their love blooms with each passing day. The couple was not compatible with each other, they would always have a reason to fight with each other, but their love was very strong. Soon, Allie’s parents discover her relationship with Noah.

where was the notebook filmed
The Notebook

Allie’s parents took her back to Charleston and forbade her from keeping any kind of relationship with him. Noah wrote her 365 letters for a year, but none of the letters reached her. Soon, time goes on, and Noah moves ahead with his life, and so does Allie. She quickly gets engaged to Captain Lon Hammond Jr. But Allie spots an article about Noah in the newspaper, and soon, she decides to travel back to Seabrook. Immediately the two meet again, and their estranged love rises back. Allie confesses this to Lon and goes back to Noah.

With time, Noah and Allie marry each other, and now, she’s diagnosed with Dementia. Now, Noah looks after her and retells the whole story about their relationship every day. He refused to leave her side. Noah’s kids would always try to get him home, but he believed Allie was his home. In the end, Noah ends the story, and Allie recognizes him. The couple has a romantic dance and dinner together. All these years, Noah never lost his hope and waited for her to remember him. So he would always read her the book that Allie wrote for him. And she does remember him for the last time. The movie ends with the couple’s demise in each other’s arms.

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