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Where is Ordeal by Innocence Filmed? The Production Locations

Ordeal by Innocence is a 3 part drama series aired on the BBC network that premiered in April of 2018. It is the third movie adaptation in English-language of the Agatha Christie book, which goes by the same name. Morven Christie, Anna Chancellor, Bill Nighy, Eleanor Tomlinson, and Alice Eve are among the cast members of the play. Let us now discuss the details of where was Ordeal of Innocence filmed?

The series was supposed to air as a component of the BBC Broadcaster’s Christmas schedule, but it was postponed owing to allegations of sexual assault against original fellow actor Ed Westwick. Christian Cooke took his spot in his sequences, which were subsequently reshot. On March 11 of 2019, Universal Pictures UK launched the show on DVD. Despite some controversy over the storyline alterations, the series received praise. Significant acclaim was given to the directing and style.

Ordeal by Innocence, like most of Agatha Christie’s other novels and short tales, is centered in the English West Country. The site of this film production was changed to Highlands of Scotland, and it was shot mostly around Inverkip. Sarah Phelps, who’s behind the last two Agatha Christie film versions for the BBC network over the Christmas holiday, rewrote the suspense thriller for the film. Phelps admitted to alter several aspects of the narrative, notably the conclusion. Before getting into the details of where the Ordeal of Innocence is filmed, let us know a little about the synopsis.


Adapted from Agatha Christie’s 1958 book, filmmaker Sandra Goldbacher masterfully adapts this crime story into a 3 part miniseries. The Argylls are enraged by the violent death of their wealthy mother, Rachel, and the person suspected of her assassination, Rachel’s adoptive son Jack, who subsequently died in jail a year and a half before the narrative begins. Now that Leo Argyll is ready for marriage to his secretary, he collects his four adopted children. It is shown that Jack was not guilty of Rachel’s death, the issue of who truly murdered her emerges.

Sunny Point, home of the Argyll family, is set to be disturbed by a murder and the allegations that ensue in the BBC’s 2018 Agatha Christie adaption. Heiress Rachel and her spouse Leo Argyll are played by Anna Chancellor and Bill Nighy, respectively.

Where was Ordeal by innocence filmed?

Ordeal by innocence promotional poster

The cast ensemble of the show was Anthony Boyle as Jack Argyll, accused murderer and adopted son, Anna Chancellor as Rachel Argyll, victim and mother, Crystal Clarke as Tina Argyll, Christian Cooke as Mickey Argyll, Morven Christie as Kirsten Lindstrom, Alice Eve as Gwenda Vaughn, Bill Nighy as Leo Argyll, father and Rachel’s husband, Ella Purnell as Hester Argyll, daughter, Matthew Goode as Philip Durrant, Morven Christie as Kirsten Lindstrom, Eleanor Tomlinson as Mary Durrant, Brian McCardie as Bellamy Gould, Luke Treadaway as Doctor Calgary.

Where is Ordeal by Innocence filmed?


The Ardgowan Estate’s popularity as a movie site has drawn parallels to Highclere, which is most known for being the residence of Downton Abbey. However, the current owner likes seeing the project components. He says that “It’s a little like a carnival coming into town – you’re right up there with the entertainers”. On witnessing his property transform into Christie’s Sunny Point, Sir Ludovic Shaw-Stewart, 12th baronet, comments, “It’s amazing to see how everything operates, this quite huge, well-oiled machinery”. The owners even preserved some of the stage decorations since they went very well with the property.

Where was Ordeal by innocence filmed?

Ordeal by innocence, Ardgowan house.

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Rail station

Brothers Micky and Hester accompany the strange Dr. Calgary to the railway station in an attempt to get him away from them while he ruminates on the past. The scientists embark on the station at a rustic country train station.

The rail line brings tourists through terrain that is identical to that seen onscreen inside the Agatha Christie thriller, as well as historical machinery like locomotives and carriages from the time period. There are several options provided year-round, and while it may appear to be a throwback in its position as the Argylls’ regional station, Bo’ness Station also has a contemporary buffet dining and souvenir store.

Where was Ordeal by innocence filmed?

Ordeal by innocence, Bo’ness, and kinneil station.

Clock Tower

The neighborhood scenes in “Ordeal by Innocence” were filmed in the Scotland Borderlines. Jack is seen exiting a vehicle on a dark rural street and heading towards a tavern in a critical moment before we can get a view of a rock clocktower – the area is in Lanarkshire’s Douglas. The Cross Keys Tavern is authentic, and its 16th-century clocktower is considered to be Scotland’s oldest existing public clock. It belonged to St Bride’s Cathedral, which itself is renowned for its link to the Black Douglases despite its Agatha Christie appearances.

Ordeal by innocence location St. Brides Church

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Church tower

Kilmorich Church, in Argyll and Bute, lies near the location of a church building. However, the structure dates from the early 19th century. A stone tower stands behind unique revisionist history, and Loch Fyne may be seen beyond the undulating landscapes on the frame. At the opening of the 2nd episode, the sisters are shown going to a tomb in the graveyard. The high church tower is plainly visible in the backdrop. The shooting location is again within reasonable driving distance of Ardgowan House, although this time towards the north.

Church tower in Ordeal by innocence

Stay tuned to know more.

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