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Where Is Just Friends Filmed? About The Movie’s Production

What happens when someone proposes to their classmate or best friend? They get friend-zoned. One such movie about friend-zone is Just Friends. It is a 2005 romantic comedy film directed by Roger Kumble. It has rich cast members such as Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris, and Chris Klein. In this article, we would be talking about where is Just Friends filmed. We would also look into the storyline and other interesting things about this movie.

Most rom-com movies follow the same path. Guy meets girl, fell in love, chase after the girl mindlessly, take unnecessary actions, the girl finally falls in love, and marriage. Now, this is a basic structure for most of the commercial-grade rom-com movies but not all. This movie also follows the same premise but focuses more on comedic aspects of it with more attention towards the specific situation. These situations are mostly awkward and resulting in major injury every time. One can even argue that Just Friends is a comedy rather than a romantic comedy. But all that aside, let’s focus on the topic at hand.

Where was Just Friends Filmed?

Just Friends

Just Friends revolves around Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds), who was a fat kid in high school and had a crush on his best friend, Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart). During the graduation party, he signs off her yearbook and confesses his love for her in it. The yearbook is swapped by Jamie’s ex-boyfriend, who reads it out loud and humiliates him. She then kisses Chris on the cheeks and rejects him, telling him that he is like a brother to her or more of a best friend. Chris leaves the party with tears in his eyes and promises himself that he will be more successful than anyone else.

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Just Friends Storyline

After ten years, Chris is now a highly successful record producer and vice president of the company. Importantly, he lost all his weight and is now a womanizer. The CEO of the company asks him to accompany a pop singer, Samantha James (Anna Faris), to sign a deal in Paris. Chris does not like her much due to their last end. He agrees to go with her. On their way to Paris, Samantha’s private jet caught on fire. This resulted in an emergency landing in New Jersey. New Jersey is Chris’ hometown. He then takes Samantha to his mother’s house to spend the night.

He visits the local bar where he meets Jamie. She was working there as a bartender to pay for her school to become a teacher. Chris is keeping Samantha busy with his brother Mike. Whereas he is going out with Jamie. During a hockey match, Chris is injured, and paramedics arrive. The paramedic is Dusty Dinkleman (Chris Klein), who was also in love with her in high school. One evening Chris catches Dusty kissing another nurse, upon confronting Dusty tells him that he will sleep with Jamie and make her feel the same embarrassment that he felt all those years in high school. Chris tries to confront her but instead hits Dusty.

Where was Just Friends Filmed?

Just Friends

Chris gets drunk and goes to Jamie’s bar. There he sees her with Dusty, declining his sexual advances. Chris and Jamie get into a fight, and he blames her for keeping him in the friend zone and says she will never amount to anything. After hearing this, she punches Chris. Chris then returns to LA and continues rejecting Samantha’s advances. He then realizes that Jamie is his true love and goes back to New Jersey. He declares his love for her, and they both kiss.

Where Was Just Friends Filmed?

Just Friends was primarily filmed in Saskatchewan, Canada. The specific areas would be Regina, Saskatchewan, where Jamie lived. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, was the primary shoot location which has Chris’ house, Clark and Darla’s house, hockey game, the church where a fight broke out between Chris and Dusty. Maple Tavern, etc. Other than that, Chris’ house and office in Los Angeles was shot in Los Angeles itself. Apart from these, there are no other shooting locations. The reason behind shooting the film in Canada was that they had very little money, and the only company that offered to help them was based in Canada, and they were required to shoot there itself.

Where was Just Friends Filmed?

Just Friends

The film did not receive well in eyes of the critics. But for the audience, it was a fun and good movie. And we agree, it is a good movie. If you have time to kick back and relax, just watch Just Friends and reminisce on the time when you were friend-zoned too. Just kidding, don’t do that, not good for mental health. Rather just watch the movie and have a good laugh.

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