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Where Was Jaws 3 Filmed? All The Locations

Where was Jaws 3 filmed? People are dying out there to know the shooting place of Jaws 3. Jaws 3 is one of the popular films of the era. Jaws 3 is an 80s movie. It was released in 1983. But even today people are crazy for Jaws 3. It is full of adventure and thrillers. It is a sequel movie to Jaws 2.   Jaws 3 is a horror film. Yes, it is a horror movie and kind of adventurous also. Jaws 3-D has many great shots. It has beautiful scenes, shots, and background. People are more curious to know the location of the movie because of the water. The movie has most of the shots with the water.

It is the third installment of the Jaws Franchise. Jaws franchise is an American horror film series that is based on a novel. Jaws franchise was started in 1975. It is totally based on the sharks attacking people. The story is that an aquatic park is attached to the sea with the tunnel. And from the tunnels, a white shark came into the park before opening and kill the employees. But the shark was not the real culprit. The culprit is another shark, bigger than a white shark. The theme of the movie is so interesting. Now, people wanted to know where the film was shot. So, in this article, we will discuss where the movie was shot. We will let you know where was Jaws 3 filmed. And we will also discuss the cast of Jaws 3.

Jaws 3 was filmed where?

People are being crazy to know the mystery that where was Jaws 3 filmed? So, Jaws 3 was filmed at SeaWorld Orlando in Florida. Yes, the movie was shot in the water park. Jaws 3 is a great combination of action and technology. The movie has been shot at a landlocked water park. The water park is SeaWorld Orlando. SeaWorld Orlando is a wonderful water park situated in Florida in the United States. It has many varieties of entertainment. It has marine mammal parks, oceanariums, animal theme parks, and rehabilitation. The park also conducts dolphin shows. The unique theme of the park has made SeaWorld Orlando a popular water park.

SeaWorld has a long chain of franchises of its theme parks. SeaWorld’s headquarter is in Florida. Its parent company is SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. Jaws 3 is an adventurous movie. The movie has a large cast and crew. Jaws 3’s director is Jow Alves. Its writer is Guerdon Trueblood. Jaws 3 producer is Rupert Hitzig. Alan Parker has given music in this movie. The most important role in the movie was editing. Randy Roberts and Corky Ehlers have edited Jaws 3. James A. Contner is the cinematographer. Let’s talk about the cast.

Where was Jaws 3 filmed?

Poster of Jaws 3

Jaws 3 Cast

Many great actors have worked in Jaws 3. First is Dennis Quaid. Dennis Quaid has portrayed the role of Mike Brody. Dennis Quaid is 67 years old American actor. He has worked in many popular movies. He is best known for his dramatic and comedic roles. Next is Bess Armstrong. Bess Armstrong has played the role of Kathryn Morgan. Bess Armstrong is an amazing American 70s celebrity. She has worked in many popular series. Next is Simon MacCorkindale. Simon MacCorcindale has portrayed the character of Philip FitzRoyce. Simon was a wonderful British actor. He died in 2010 at the age of 70. Louis Gossett Jr. has played the role of Calvin Bouchard. Louis Cameron Gossett Jr. is an amazing American actress. He is an Emmy and Academy receiver, actor.

John Putch has played the character of Sean Brody. John Putch is an American filmmaker and a great actor. He has worked in One Day at a Time. Lea Thompson has portrayed the character of Kelly Ann Bukowski. Lea Thompson is an American actress and director. She is a well-known celebrity face of American. Next is P.H. Moriarty. P.H. Moriarty has played the character of Jack Tate. Moriarty is a British actor. He is well known for his role in The Long Good Friday. Then we have Dan Blasko as Danny, Liz Morris as Liz, Harry Grant as Shelby Overman, and Lisa Maurer as Ethal.

Where was Jaws 3 filmed

A scene from Jaws 3

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