Where is Buck Privates filmed? All About the Film Franchise

Where was Buck Privates filmed?
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Buck privates a 1940’s classic that was quite a hit at the time. Buck Privates is a 1941 wartime army comedy musical motion picture that launched the careers of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. This was the first military dramedy which was set during the 1940 peacetime war draft. Before the US joined the war, the comic trio created two additional service dramas. On October 13 of 1941, Abbott and Costello presented a one-hour radio version of the picture at the Lux Radio Theatre. Let us see get into the past to know about the whole format of the film of those times. We will now see the locations and know where Buck Privates was filmed?

“Buck Privates Come Home” is a 1947 sequel to this film which was was produced. The film Buck Privates is among three Abbott and Costello movies starring The Andrews Sisters, who were already under Universal Pictures’ contractual obligation at that time.

Buck Privates was filmed during the period from December 13, 1940, to January 11, 1941. It was estimated for $233,000 across 20 days, but it ended up being $12,000 above the estimated budget and 4 days behind the deadline. The critical response to the film was overwhelmingly favorable. The New York Times’ Theodore Strauss described it as “an hour and a half of riotous tomfoolery.” Abbott and Costello, like the army, aren’t known for their subtlety. Their antics contain quite so much insinuation as a 1,000-pound bombshell, but with a fraction of the destructive intensity.

Where was Buck Privates filmed?
Buck Privates

Awards and nominations

The picture was among Universal’s biggest blockbusters of the year, generating nearly $4 million at a time when cinema tickets were 25 cents on average and net gross was considered as revenue received by the studios. Today, it applies all of a film’s profits. In the year 1941, the picture was nominated for two Academy Awards. For “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” Hughie Prince and Don Raye were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Track, while Charles Previn was shortlisted for Original Music Score, an Academy Award.

Where was Buck Privates filmed?
Buck Privates

Universal awarded filmmaker Arthur Lubin a $5,000 incentive and instructed him to begin working on yet another film, “Hold That Ghost,” practically instantly. Despite the fact that he’s under contractual agreement with a set income. In 10 months, Lubin filmed five Abbott and Costello movies.


The cast ensemble of the film included stars like Alan Curtis as Bob Martin, Lee Bowman as Randolph Parker III, Lou Costello as Herbie Brown, Samuel S. Hinds as Major General Emerson, Bud Abbott as Slicker Smith, The Andrews Sisters, Jane Frazee as Judy Gray, Harry Strang as Sergeant Callahan, Leonard Elliott as Henry, Shemp Howard as Chef, Nat Pendleton as Sergeant Michael Collins, and Nella Walker as Mrs. Karen Parker.

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Where was Buck Privates filmed?

The filming locations of Buck Privates include majorly six places in and around different states of the United States, which are:

  • Lake Elsinore, California, USA.
  • Fort Ord, California, USA.
  • Grand Central Station of New York’s Manhattan, USA.
  • Universal studios-more precisely in Universal City plaza, California, USA.
  • Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, Providencia Ranch, California, the US.

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Herbie Brown and Slicker Smith are two hustlers who sell neckties from a briefcase on the street. They hide at a movie house while still being pursued by a policeman, not understanding that it is currently being utilized as an Army recruiting facility. They mistakenly enroll, thinking they’re going to sign up for theatre awards. Likewise, Randolph Parker, a spoilt playboy, and his lengthy sidekick, Bob Martin, arrive at the playhouse. Randolph anticipates his powerful father to pull some connections to keep him out of the army. Bob, on the other contrary, is unconcerned about his military responsibilities. Disputes between the two men become even higher when Judy Gray, a campground host and an acquaintance of Bob’s, is introduced, and Randolph sets his eyes on her.

Slicker and Herbie are embarrassed to learn that Collins, the cop who followed them, now is the sergeant at their recruit training. Furthermore, Randolph discovers that his father will not be using his power to help him. He feels that a year in the Military will be beneficial. Despite the challenges, campground life isn’t all awful because The Andrews Sisters perform at frequent intervals to sing emotional or patriotic songs, and Herbie manages to mess up with minimal consequences.

Where was Buck Privates filmed?
Buck Privates

Randolph foregoes a military shooting competition in terms of spending the day with Judy, even though he is an accomplished marksman. The corporation misses the game and all of the money placed on him, making them much more resentful of him. Throughout a war game practice, though, Randolph regains his reputation by rescuing Bob and devising a ploy to help his company win the mock battle. He is ultimately welcomed by his team, earning the affection of Bob and Judy in the meantime. He later gets accepted by the officer training school.

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