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Where Was Beethoven 2 Filmed? All About The Film Series!

where was beethoven 2 filmed

There is nothing that we can compare to the legendary Ludwig Van Beethoven. A legend in classical music with classic music creations known as one of the best in the world. But there is something that exists that goes by with the compositions of Beethoven. It is no other than Beethoven, the dog. A primary character from the “Beethoven the series” where several artists perform on stage while the beautiful compositions play in the background. Talk about the perfect match! Produced by CBS, the mini-series got so much recognition. Not a lot of people know, but the mini-series was a spin-off to the legendary family cult film from the 90s known as “Beethoven”.

The movie series “Beethoven” follows a St. Bernard named Beethoven. As a family adopts him, he experiences a totally new life. Being adopted by the Newton family, they give him all the love and care they can. But Beethoven’s visits to his vet increase all of a sudden as he begins to develop an interest in him. It turns out that his vet Dr. Varnick wants to use him as a subject to his experiments. As the movie goes on, he fights the vet and saves himself from absolute horror. Saving himself Beethoven returns for a second movie. Amused by the Beethoven 2 the next year, fans wanted nothing but to know more about things like where was the movie filmed.

where was beethoven 2 filmed

Beethoven 2

Beethoven: The Rescue of the Lover

Beethoven 2 is the second of seven installments from the Beethoven series. But it is also the last movie adaption of the series. According to the director Rod Daniel, there weren’t many chances for the second part to be made. But after the first movie gave some unexpected financial success, a second part was on its way to production. Being the last movie to feature the original cast, it proceeds to give Beethoven the happy ending he deserved. Beethoven meets Missy, a female St. Bernard. But there are problems going on in her family as her owners are going through a divorce. One of the owners, Regina has her full custody. And she is willing to trade Missy to her former husband in exchange for $50,000.

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As Beethoven helps Missy escapes from Regina’s condo, they began to fall in love. They go on a movie date together, and Missy gets pregnant. Months later, she gives birth to four puppies that Beethoven’s family and Regina find at the same time. As Regina plans to sell the puppies, the Newton kids fear that she will kill them so they got the puppies home. Regina tries to kidnap the puppies leading to a lot of running and foul plays taking place. By the end, the Newton family is able to save the puppies and Missy, giving Beethoven his happy family back. As the puppies are slowly growing up, they also reunite with their mother, with whom they were separated not long after work.

where was beethoven 2 filmed

Beethoven 2

Where Was “Beethoven 2” Filmed?

According to the production team and the official credits, the location where Beethoven 2 was filmed is just one city. But the team also had to shot a few scenes going out from the city. In the location credits, it is specified that the filming took place in California. The exact location of the house of the Newton family was later revealed. The house is located in Milan Avenue, South Pasadena. The movie also has some scenes from the Glacier National Park located in Montana. The national park is an open area filled with wilderness areas in Montana’s Rocky Mountains. It also has glacier-carved peaks and valleys that run to the Canadian border.

Although the news of the movie was widely appreciated and people were waiting with excitement. The movie did not do great like the previous movie. The movie grossed more than $118 million at the box office worldwide. But had a lot of negative reactions attached to it. It turned out that the movie was not up to the standards, and the concept has already been shown by Disney a lot of times.

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