‘More Than Friends’ is a South Korean drama that revolves around three individuals and their lives. It received appreciation for the chemistry between the leads and also due to the amazing OST the drama presented. Now, many times one may have to skip a drama as one might know where to watch it. To clear your doubts, you will find your answers in this article. Here, we will look into, where can one watch ‘More Than Friends’.

Ong Seong-wu, Shin Ye-eun, and Kim Dong-jun appeared as the leads. Seong-wu previously received a lot of attention in At Eighteen, where his character was highly appreciated. In More Than Friends, it got mixed responses. Don’t forget to watch More Than Friends, a drama that takes one through love, life, and more.

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Where To Watch More Than Friends Episodes?

More Than Friends is available on Netflix, so international fans won’t have any problem getting access to the drama. You just need to buy a subscription plan according to your convenience, and then you are all set to watch the drama. You can also watch it on the Rakuten Viki website or app.

More Than Friends
More Than Friends

The drama is available for free. Not only this, but the drama is also available on iQIYI and VIU. More Than Friends has a total of 16 episodes with an approximate duration of 60- 70 minutes. 

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More Than Friends Synopsis

The drama centers around three individuals and how, with time will their feelings stay like it was or will wear off. Kyung Woo Yeon is a carefree eighteen-year-old who wears her heart on her sleeves. She fell for her friend Lee Soo who also seems to secretly like her, without her knowledge. Now, these lovebirds have the fate of star-crossed lovers as every time it feels finally they will connect, something or the other sets them apart.

More Than Friends
More Than Friends

The story witnesses a jump of 10 years, where now the characters have grown up but still harbor feelings for each other. Though at first Woo Yeon, despite confessing her feelings, gets rejected, still she can’t place anyone else in Lee Soo’s place. The drama has a classic angle of a love triangle that we see in kdramas. On Joon-soo is the CEO who fell for Woo Yeon, and fans had major second lead syndrome while witnessing him in the drama. 

She tried dating other men as well. However, her heart belonged somewhere else. The drama has received mixed reviews, with some pointing out the toxic nature of the male lead. For some, it’s an unhealthy culture to go back to the same place repeatedly, where respect is not served. However, contradictions are there, where some state that the male lead is just not open about his feelings. However, he had his ways of expressing his feelings.

As a character, Lee Soo appears to be rough. However, maybe that comes from a background where he never knew how to express love properly. Throughout, all he has seen his parents do is fight for their separation. The chemistry between the three characters is worth a watch, and don’t forget to watch More Than Friends if you still haven’t started watching it.

More Than Friends Cast

Ong Seong-wu portrayed the role of Lee Soo, Woo Yeon’s love interest. He realizes her feelings for her when he sees her with someone else. Ong Seong-wu previously appeared in the drama At Eighteen and in films like Life Is Beautiful and Seoul Vibe, to name a few.

Shin Ye-eun played the role of Kyung Woo Yeon, someone who still felt for the person she had feelings for a decade ago. Shin Ye-eun is known for starring in dramas like He Is Psychometric and Welcome, among others. She will also be appearing on Yumi’s Cells Season 2.

Kim Dong-jun played On Joon-soo, a CEO of a publishing house who felt for Woo Yeon. Dong-jun appeared in dramas like About Time and Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho, among others.

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