Where To Watch Modern Family Season 10 Episode 1: I Love A Parade?

The show centers the characters which portray a typical modern family, in which, we have a straight couple, a gay couple, and a multi-ethnic couple. All of these collide with each other, trying to entertain the viewers and brilliantly portraying the modern society. So, let us get started with the first episode of season ten.

The show is back with its tenth season, and the first episode will premiere this week. The first episode of Modern Family season 10 is all set to release on 26 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on ABC channel at primetime of 9 PM every Wednesday.

The show can be streamed online using the ABC app, which provides online streaming of all the ABC shows by just entering active cable subscription details to log in. Moreover, there are many streaming service providers which include ABC channel, so that the viewers can stream the show at the mentioned time.

In the first episode, we will see a get-together between Pritchett-Tucker-Dunphy families, and they will meet at the Fourth of July annual parade. Their meetings are usually interesting as well as funny, so it would surely be amazing to see that in the very first episode. Furthermore, we will see Jay acting as the grand marshal. But will the fam have time for Jay? We will have to see that!

Also, we will see Arvin traveling to Switzerland, for yet unknown reason. Haley wanted to make this a fair goodbye moment, but she fails to do so and even gets into a severe problem as she pictures it. What will be the issue? We will have to watch the show to get the answer!

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