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Where to Watch K-pop Evolution Documentary?

Kpop Evolution is a Documentary series based on the South Korean Pop Industry. The documentary was released on March 31, 2021, at 9 am ET. There are 7 episodes in the series. Banger Films produce it. The docu-series aims to evaluate the history, the current scenario, and the future of the Billion Dollar K-pop industry. The series will include prominent personalities from the groups. They will walk the audience through the experience of being an Idol, what goes into it and how it is different from the various other pop industries in the world.

The k-pop idols and K-pop groups who share their experience in the series are Amber Liu, Baekhyun, BoA, Danny Im, Doyoung, Han Seung Yeon, Ha:tfelt (Yeeun), Joon Park, Kang Daniel, Kangta, Leeteuk, Sandara Park, Seulgi, Taemin, Taeyong, Tony An, Pentagon, Psy from PsyNATION (G)I-DLE and Everglow.

Where to Stream the Docu-Series “ K-pop Evolution”?

The documentary “K-pop Evolution” is available on Youtube as Youtube Originals for viewers to stream online. As it is a Youtube Original, it is not available on any other streaming services. Episode 1 of K-pop Evolution is available for free stream for all audiences, but from Episode 2 onwards, only premium users can access the content.

Youtube has become one of the most important streaming platforms for K-pop, be it interviews or song MVs. Therefore the producers have focused on Youtube for the series.

The concept of “K-pop Evolution.”

Kpop Evolution Poster

Kpop Evolution Poster (Credit: Bangerz Films)

The series is a guide for anyone who wants to understand the K-pop phenomena. However, BTS and Blackpink are the names that come up while talking about K-pop, but the industry is much more than that. What the audience sees are the end products. The documentary explores the drill and hardships and what goes behind the extravagant perfect performances. It is much more than just luck; it is much more than just colorful, bold outfits and hair colors. The production reported to the press that the audience would see the never-seen-before struggle of the idols.

Each and everyone had to go through it as a trainee, and they discuss what it takes to be a trainee in K-pop. Everyone in the industry has a story to tell. The trailer shows us how K-pop became a global phenomenon after Gangnam Style but how the industry has so much more to offer.

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The Episodes of “K-pop Evolution”

There are 7 episodes, and each of the episodes explores various aspects and stages of being an Idol. The name of the episodes includes the First Idols, who are the pioneers in the industry followed by the global advent of K-pop. It also provides a detailed guide towards the fandom, life of the trainees, the debut, and continuing the industry. Each of the episodes is approximately 25 minutes in duration. Therefore the entire “K-pop evolution” series is around 175 minutes duration.

The episodes are available on Youtube only for Premium users who can stream the series immediately.

What to Expect from “K-pop Evolution”

BoA, NCT's Taehyong and Super M's Taemin in the docu-series

BoA, NCT’s Taehyong and Super M’s Taemin in the docu-series (Credit: Bangerz Films)

The fans are excited about each of the K-pop members’ experience, especially Seulgi. Taemin mentioned his idols and whom he looks forward to. Psy speaks about Gangnam style blowing up across the world. Some idols spoke about how they just wanted to fall asleep to get some sleep. They hardly got 2-3 hours of sleep combined with rigorous toil and hardship. But in the end, they say that it is so much rewarding and to have a fandom who supports you. The lightsticks in the air and screams pay off for everything they experience.

Similar Documentaries like “K-pop Evolution”

There are a few more documentaries that have similar content. For audience who want to dig deeper and understand more can look in the various other documentaries. Blackpink has a documentary that is available on Netflix. BTS has documentaries known as Bring The Soul and Break The Silence. They have a docu-series called Burn The Stage. Nine Muses of Star Empire (2013), Superfans, Global K-pop (2018), and Global Youth, Dreaming of K-pop (2015).

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