Where To Watch April Fools Day?

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Where to Watch April Fools Day?
Where to Watch April Fools Day?

We’ve got you covered if you’re in the mood for a trashy straight-to-VHS film! Here’s how and where to watch April Fools Day. The 2008 remake by the Butcher Brothers starring Taylor Cole and Josh Henderson. As stated initially, this movie is a remake of the 1986 film starring Anthony Michael Hall. It’s a gory low-budget slasher film that will make you laugh just for how silly and bad it is!

This film premiered in march 2008. Secondly, the movie was directed by the Butcher Brothers, who also re-did the whole script with screenwriter Mikey Wigart. Additionally, the movie was produced by Tara L. Craig and Frank Mancuso Jr. Now, without further ado, let’s explore a few more details about it and see where to watch it.

Where to Watch April Fools Day?
You’ve come to the right place if you want to know where to watch this 2008 remake!

April Fools Day Plot With Spoilers

Desiree Cartier was hosting a party at her home for her actress friend Torrance Caldwell on April 1, 2007. Blonde Cartier, Desiree’s brother, manages their combined inheritance. U.S. Senate contender Peter Welling, Peter’s “Miss Carolina” fiancée Barbie Reynolds, and the quintet’s less affluent videographer friend Ryan present for a pre-festivities toast. Milan Hastings, Desiree’s social adversary and Ryan’s not-so-secret crush, arrive at the party. Charles, a chihuahua-wielding society reporter, is also present.

Desiree proposes Blaine get Milan tipsy on bubbly and sweet talk her in his room upstairs as yet another April Fool’s prank. Desiree and a few others stand by the cracked-open bedroom door, ready to film the affair with the camera Desiree stole from Ryan. On the other hand, Milan suffers a seizure and dies. The group ends up in court, so Blaine loses control of the family fortune, which passes to Desiree, but they are found not guilty, and Milan’s death is deemed a fatal prank.

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A Meet-Up At The Graveyard

At noon, Peter, Blaine, Desiree, Barbie, Torrance, and Ryan get unsolicited invites to meet on Milan’s grave on April 1, 2008, with the enigmatic P.S. “I have proof.” Just as the sextet is reuniting, a messenger arrives at the cemetery with a box containing a note and a laptop computer. According to the letter, one of the six murdered Milan, and if that person does not confess, they will all be dead by midnight. The computer has a film of Charles drowning in his pool as a purpose sign.

Everyone rushes from the graveyard to the pool to confirm this blunder. As a result, Desiree becomes increasingly agitated as she witnesses one “suspect” after another “murdered” before her eyes. Moreover, Barbie is electrocuted in a beauty pageant dressing room. After that, Peter’s campaign truck runs him down in a parking garage. Ryan’s neck is sliced in his cheap apartment. When Desiree and Blaine arrive home, they find even their long-time butler Wilford slain in the kitchen.

Dancing With The Dead

Desiree discovers her brother chained to a chair after a brief separation. Worse, gun-wielding Torrance soon has Desiree bound and gagged in another chair. After some back and forth and with Torrance fatally shooting Blaine in the chest, a humiliated Desiree ultimately admits she laced Milan’s fatal drink, leaving brother Blaine to become the “fall guy.” Blaine can’t stop laughing at this point.

Soon the entire gang of 2008 “victims” is encircling a still-tied Desiree, telling her how nasty she is and how they were in cahoots to prove it to her. Special effects crew from Torrance’s Boogie Nights 2 set outfitted Blaine and the others with “squibs”. Other cast members acted as cops and “confirmed” Ryan’s death as she and her brother fled the scene.

The End

Torrance pulls the trigger again to demonstrate her end of the ruse involving a handgun discharging blanks. Unfortunately for Desiree, the cartridge in the chamber this time is genuine, and the bullet blows off the top of her head. The following scene features the same inquest-probate judge from a year ago absolving Torrance of any involvement in Desiree’s death and confirming Blaine as the only heir of the family estate. Blaine drives away in what was Desiree’s red Mercedes, a smirk on his face slowly developing.

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April Fools Day Trailer:


Taylor Cole plays Desirée Cartier, Samuel Child plays Peter Willing, Frank Aard plays Wilford, Josh Henderson plays Blaine Cartier, Scout Taylor-Compton plays Torrance Caldwell, Joe Egender plays Ryan, Sabrina Ann Aldridge plays Milan Hastings, and Jennifer Siebel plays Barbie Reynolds.

Where to Watch April Fools Day?
Still from April Fools Day

Watch Aprils Fools Day Online – Streaming Details

Suppose you want to watch April Fools Day and live in the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom. In that case, you can rent the movie from Amazon Direct Video, Vudu Fandango, Apple iTunes, Google Play, YouTube TV, DirecTV, and the Microsoft Store. You can also purchase the movie from those same platforms. With this information, we are wrapping it up here at Otoakukart.

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