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Where The “No Beard” Filter On TikTok Come From?

TikTok: How to find the No Beard filter

Well, you must be confused about where the “No Beard” filter comes from. The filter is currently in huge trend after various badass TikTok videos went viral. In fact, if you have no tried it yet then probably you must not be able to find it on TikTok. That’s kind of right. The “No Beard” filter is a TikTok trend but it is actually a Snapchat filter. People were doing it all wrong by searching the filter on TikTok. The funniest of all filters, “No Beard” became a TikTok trend but was actually borrowed from Snapchat. So, go hurry up ad try it!! IF you have a beard obviously then.

If you have not seen yourself without a beard yet, then it may probably wash your brain out. So if you do not know what lies behind that beard then this filter can do that for you. In fact, if you are planning to go full shave, try the “No Beard” filter first. It works finely without any lags. However, if you have quite a long beard, the filter cannot detect it then. So to fill out that reaming hair it leaves that part. In addition, some people have said that the filter rounds the face structure. That is probably because the filter works best on those with a short beard.

Here is how to use the filter and how the #nobeardfilter filter started a new trend on TikTok.

TikTok: Where to find No Beard filter

Credit: Unsplash

Foremost, head to the Snapchat application

If you have not downloaded the Snapchat filter yet, go first download it. Now heading to your snap camera tap on the screen. Now you will observe that on the bottom right there is a face emoji. Click on it and then you will observe a magnifying glass. Click on that magnifying glass and that will lead you to explore the section.

After reaching on explore section simply search “No Beard”. Here is your work finish and click on the first filter that appears in the list. The filter digitally removes the beard. Just wait for few seconds that allow the filter to locate the beard on your face. If you want to upload the video on TikTok, just save the video on your camera roll through Snapchat. After that upload it on TikTok.

While you must be thinking till now that #nobeardfilter was from Snapchat, this is not the first time that the Snapchat filter is blowing the wind on TikTok. Before #nobeardfilter, it was “vin rouge” challenge that sparked an extreme level of entertainment on TikTok.

The challenge of the “No Beard” filter has grown up 167 million views

After a huge number of videos are going viral, people cannot stop themselves from recording their video via “No Beard” filter. So here is our way to do it.

If you are doing it for your face-

So if you are planning to be a part of this challenge, open up the filter. Keep a hand on your face or cover it up with something. Wait for few seconds and then reveal your face to the filter. Choose a suitable trending song ad to upload it on TikTok.

If you are trying it on a second person-

Most of the videos going viral on TikTok are made by girls on their partners. So it is quite getting funnier. Therefore, you can try it in the second person without letting them know that you are recording their video with “No Beard” filter.

Albeit, not going to lie but Snapchat and TikTok kind of made everyone’s pandemic much easier and funnier. So if you still have not downloaded Snapchat, do it anyways. You are surely not going to regret it.

We assure you that some of the reveal videos were hilariously dangerous. A part of women’s sections is enjoying it the most after applying the filter on their significant ones. Moreover, many women have captioned the video with the funniest captions like “never use #nobeardfilter on your BF” or “quickest way of getting a divorce.” We hope that you enjoy it too.

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