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Where Is ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Filmed? Locations, Plot & Cast Members

Zombieland: Double Tap filming locations
Zombieland: Double Tap filming locations

Who said sequels couldn’t be good? In this case, Zombieland: Double tap filming locations are our focus of study today. Firstly, this is a sequel to the widely acclaimed “Zombieland.” Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin, and Emma Stone. Secondly, it is a 2019 movie by Ruben Fleischer where the cast reprises their roles from the first movie in a fictional world six years after the events narrated in the first movie. It took ten years to bring to fruition, but as all good things come to those who wait. This movie was well worth it is waiting.

The sequel, directed by Ruben Fleischer of Venom, sees the original four from 2009: Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock, enjoying the zombie apocalypse version of home bliss. The serenity does not last long. Little Rock wants to meet people her own age, while Wichita is terrified by Columbus’ marriage proposal. They escape, only for Little Rock to leave Wichita in the dust when a guy her age comes with news of a commune of people her age who have abandoned the use of weapons.

Zombieland: Double Tap filming locations

The bulk of Zombieland: Double tap took place in Georgia, United States of America. Four main locations were employed for this movie’s photography. Firstly, Atlanta’s Pinewood Studios. Secondly, the opening scene was filmed in Jackson, Georgia. Thirdly, the mall scene where Columbus meets the girl was shot at the North Dekalb Mall in Decatur, Georgia. Lastly, the bridge and motorhome scenes were filmed in Macon, Georgia. If you were wondering where the White House scenes were shot, they did those at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta.

Zombieland: Double Tap Cast

Zombieland: Double Tap has Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee. Jesse Eisenberg plays the male lead role as Columbus. In the female lead, we have Emma Stone as Wichita. And Abigail Breslin plays Little Rock. Moreover, in this movie, Zoey Deutch plays Madison, the lovely blonde with whom Columbus falls in love. And Rosario Dawson plays Nevada, a motel owner. Luke Wilson plays Albuquerque, a sort of Tallahassee doppelganger, and Thomas Middleditch plays Flagstaff, a dude whose traits resemble Columbus.

Zombieland Double Tap filming locations

Zombieland Double Tap filming locations

Zombieland: Double Tap Plot

Six years after the events of the first film, survivors Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock have become specialists in recognizing and disposing of different zombies. They have now made their new home in the abandoned White House. They’ve also discovered new zombie breeds, such as “Homers” (extremely sluggish with no real desire to feed), “Hawkings” (smarter than your typical flesh-eater), and “Ninjas” (hides in the shadows waiting for the right time to kill.) Columbus chooses to use the Hope Diamond to propose to Wichita, while Tallahassee dismisses Little Rock’s dreams of meeting people her own age. Tallahassee discovers a letter from Wichita and Little Rock the following morning. The ladies took off after feeling too attached/repressed correspondingly to the guys, in Tallahassee’s highly modified presidential limousine, he affectionately nicknames “The Beast.”

Columbus is still grieving his love with Wichita a month later while strolling through a mall. Tallahassee, claiming Native American ancestry flows in his veins, is ready to go off on his own. Columbus is surprised by a ditzy blonde called Madison, who has escaped Zombieland by hiding under the freezer of a Pinkberry shop. Columbus brings her back to the White House, much to Tallahassee’s displeasure, where Madison pounces on Columbus, and the two have sex. Returning and finding Columbus had slept with Madison, Wichita reveals that Little Rock has departed for Graceland with a pacifist from Berkeley, with no weapons except for “The Beast”. Fearing for Little Rock’s safety, the gang, which includes Madison, travels to Graceland in a dilapidated minivan.

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The gang arrives in Graceland.

They are awoken in the morning to discover “The Beast” being crushed by a giant truck piloted by Nevada’s pals Albuquerque and Flagstaff, who are physically and psychologically similar to Tallahassee and Columbus. Albuquerque and Tallahassee fight about Nevada as Flagstaff and Columbus discuss “commandments” and “rules” for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Soon after, T-800s arrive in the driveway. Albuquerque and Flagstaff, in an attempt to outdo the others, battle them alone. Almost soon, however, they show symptoms of “zombification” and indicate that they have been bitten. The gang is compelled to battle their counterparts’ T-800 variant. They slay the zombies despite the fact that it is very tough. They took the road again, this time headed towards Babylon.

Zombieland Double Tap filming locations

Zombieland Double Tap filming locations


They arrive in Babylon, reluctantly surrendering their guns, and discover Little Rock. Tallahassee leaves, only to be met by a swarm of super zombies drawn by the commune’s pyrotechnics and drives back to alert everyone. Tallahassee devises a scheme to kill the zombies with exploding biodiesel and then have commune members armed with barrier shields herd the stragglers off a tower using himself as bait. The zombie swarm is more large than anticipated, the exploding biodiesel is ineffectual, and the party is encircled and nearly overpowered. Nevada rescues the gang with Albuquerque’s monster truck.

They are able to knock down many T-800s before the truck falls over, and they are unable to lift it back up. The survivors escape upstairs and chase the zombies off the roof. Tallahassee dangles just out of reach on a construction crane hook, but the final two zombies grab his leg as they descend. Little Rock kills them with a handgun Tallahassee had given her earlier, saving him. The two reconcile, and Wichita accepts Columbus’ marriage proposal. Little Rock had a breakup with Berkeley, who has a relationship with Madison. Nevada joins the original four as they depart Babylon. Columbus observes that they have finally found a home in each other.

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