Where Is Your Love Never Fails Filmed? All Filming Locations

Your Love Never Fails
Elisa Donovan & Tom Skerritt in Your Love Never Fails

In today’s article, we will talk about where “Your Love Never Fails” was filmed. We will also talk about the plot of the film and also discuss some more family dramas like it. Your Love Never Fails is a romantic drama starring Elisa Donovan, Brad Rowe & Tom Skerritt. It was released in 2011 during the month of Valentine’s. This beautiful drama was written and directed by Michael Feifer. The film “Your Love Never Fails” is also known by the name of “A Valentine’s Date”. It’s a lightweight drama that explains why proper family values are so important. The movie tells people the importance of a strong family. The only thing which truly matters is whom you love and the people who love you. “Your Love Never Fails” prioritizes family values and the love for family more than anything else.

“Your Love Never Fails” got mixed reviews. The film got negative reviews from critics. The audience gave decent scores as it’s a family drama. Unfortunately, the film’s earnings are not specified anywhere. So today, we are first going to talk about the film’s plot, then discuss where “Your Love Never Fails” was filmed. For the plot, which talks mostly about the rural values, the discussion about the location would be very interesting.

Elisa & Kirstin in Your Love Never Fails
Elisa Donovan and Kirstin Dorn playing the role of a mother and child

Where Is “Your Love Never Fails” Filmed?

Your Love Never Fails was mostly filmed in New York, USA. This romantic drama was written by Jeffrey Schenck and Peter Sullivan. This beautiful film was shot in many different branches of Banks in New York. After Laura was summoned for a court hearing, she had to rush to Texas with Kelsey. In Texas, “Your Love Never Fails” was shot in various locations, like in the high court when Laura and Dylan Connors were summoned. In the amusement park, where Dylan enjoyed the evening with Kelsey. The film was mostly shot in the urban areas when in New York and in rural areas when in Texas. That’s when Laura realized the meaning of a family when she moved on from New York to Texas.

Elisa starred in Your Love Never Fails
Elisa Donovan gave light to the film

The protagonist of “Your Love Never Fails,” Laura Connors (Elisa Donovan) is an Executive and a mother at the same time to nine-year-old Kelsey (Kirstin Dorn). Life gets tougher when she needs to balance the roles of an executive and a mother at the same time. Laura had left Dylan (Brad Rowe), her husband and Kelsey’s father, due to personal reasons. Now she has settled in New York with Kelsey and has started a new life. Laura’s boss, Paul, was very demanding because of which her life was worsening day after day. Dylan and Laura had not filed the divorce yet, so technically, they were still married. One day, the unthinkable happened. Dylan filed for joint custody of his daughter, Kelsey.

This made Laura go back to Texas with Kelsey to meet Dylan and resolve the matter. Once she gets back to her home in Texas, she realizes what she was missing all these years. She also realizes what her daughter was missing so much. Kelsey was unknown to the love of family and family values which she so much desired for. After so many court hearings, Laura notices Kelsey’s and Dylan’s love. She forgives everything which had happened in the past with her husband and decides to start over new. She makes up with Dylan, and they both start a fresh life with Kelsey.

More Films like “Your Love Never Fails” & where to watch

The Gabby Douglas Story is one of the best family dramas which you can watch on Netflix. It’s a motivating film about a family which sacrifices almost everything so that Gabby Douglas could achieve her dreams of winning a gold medal for her country. If you want to watch another film like “Your Love Never Fails” but with much better reviews, go for “The Time Traveller’s Wife”. It is an emotional as well as a sci-fi film. It is based on a bestselling novel where the lover time travels anytime he wants just to meet his love. If talking about Elisa Donovan, then till today, Clueless is her best performance. Here is the link for Elisa’s “The Valentine’s Date,” which is on YouTube.

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