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Where is Wentworth Filmed? All The Locations We Know

where is wentworth filmed?
Where is Wentworth Filmed?

Hello there, internet! Today, in this article we cover where is Wentworth filmed? Firstly, ‘Wentworth’ is an Australian drama series that shows all that occurs inside a women’s prison in an unfiltered and all-encompassing way. The series runs in modern Australia and follows Bea Smith while during her incarceration for trying to kill her physically abusive husband. After some time of trying to adjust to the corrupt and harsh society, circumstances compel Bea to pick a course she will never be able to undo. Bea wins friends, deposes her opponents, and eventually emerges as Wentworth’s new “Top Dog” as the series continues.

When it debuted on May 1, 2013, the program garnered critical and public acclaim for being a hard-edged and contemporary reworking of Reg Watson’s 1979 cult hit, ‘Prisoners,’ one that is pertinent to the current day. Over the years, the program has won many honors and plaudits for its well-defined and strong female characters, raw interpersonal interactions, atmospheric suspense, and captivating storyline. Aside from that, the dismal but genuine ambience of the jail made the fans wonder as to where ‘Wentworth’ is filmed. So, let us investigate here at Otakukart!

Where is Wentworth filmed?

Where is Wentworth Filmed?

Where is Wentworth filmed?

This women’s prison film takes place at peculiar locations. So where are the filming Locations in Wentworth? Given the concept of the program. It’s natural for fans to wonder whether the women’s prison drama’s photography takes place at a real-life correctional facility. The designers chose a more contemporary approach, choosing for a purpose-built set in Melbourne, Australia. Throughout the seasons, it has had one major site change.

Wentworth’s Seasons 1–3 were filmed at an old warehouse in Clayton, Victoria, an eastern suburb of Melbourne. The massive house was transformed into a desolate set. Complete with drab walls, creepy poorly lit hallways, and flickering strip lights. Before becoming the Wentworth Detention Centre, it was owned by a drug company. However, the warehouse owner stated in July 2014 that the facility had been sold and will be destroyed to make room for new residential development. As a result of the announcement, the production crew was forced to locate a new site for shooting.

Where is Wentworth filmed?

Where is Wentworth Filmed?

More details on Where is Wentworth filmed?

To avoid disrupting the narrative flow. The writing team went to work and rewrote the season 3 screenplay to include a fire storyline in the season finale. In the season 3 finale, a fire consumes a section of the jail. Forcing the prisoners and prison staff to relocate to a new wing. From the fourth season onwards. Wentworth’s shooting took place on a set built in Newport, Victoria, at 80 Champion Road. The new location had detachable walls, doors, and other fixtures from the old.

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It doubled as a space for the most active areas of the institution, including the laundry room, jail cells, shower block, and exercise ground in the new wing. Pino Amenta, the show’s producer, released a few photos after finishing up the filming for the series finale of ‘Wentworth’ on September 4, 2020. Pino captioned the photos of the cast and crew, “Last day of shooting on Wentworth.” What a great experience it has been to work with such amazing individuals. I’m going to miss the whole event! Thank you to each and every one of them for making it such an emotional day. Xxxx.”

Where can I watch Wentworth in Australia?

If you want to watch “Wentworth” in Australia,we got you covered! Wentworth is a Foxtel Original. Episodes will be broadcast on Fox Showcase on Tuesdays beginning August 24. Tune in live beginning at 8:30 p.m., or check your local TV listings for repeat timings. The episode is also available on demand. Fox Showcase, along with 50+ other channels, is included in the essential Foxtel Plus channel bundle. Foxtel pay-TV subscriptions begin at $49 per month.

Foxtel Now also allows you to see the final episodes of Wentworth. Fox Showcase is part of the Essentials package, which costs $25 per month. New customers may take advantage of a 10-day free trial period that includes access to all channel bundles. Wentworth fans can also watch past seasons on Foxtel On Demand or Foxtel Now. Unfortunately, although the streaming provider BINGE has many popular programs accessible on Foxtel, Wentworth is an exception. However, there is a workaround: BINGE allows you to view several Foxtel channels live, including Fox Showcase. In other words, you may watch new Wentworth episodes online with BINGE as long as you tune in live on Tuesdays.

What other shows similar to Wentworth could I Watch?

If you liked Wentworth and liked the drama, we can recommend you a couple of shows. Let’s go international! Firstly, there’s Capadocia, it’s a riveting Mexican-American drama spearheaded by Pitipol Ybarra. This 2008 HBO Latin America drama features Ana de la Reguera (from HBO’s Eastbound & Down) and Cecilia Suárez (from Netflix’s The House of Flowers). If you’re in the mood for a male prison show, then HBO’s “Oz” featuring J.K. Simmons (the band director from Whiplash), B.D. Wong (Law & Order), and Lee Tergesen.

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