Where Is To All The Boys 3 Filmed? Locations & Plot

To All The Boys 3 Filming Locations
To All The Boys 3

To All The Boys: Always And Forever is the third installment of this franchise. The trilogy of this film garnered massive attention from the viewers for the rom-com feels. The final movie was released on February 12, 2021. Because of its tremendous popularity, the creators of this film offered one last look at the love story of Lara Jean Covey. Moreover, the filmmakers didn’t fail to keep their fans entertained as they came up with a television series too. The whole series is based on the novels written by Jenny Han. Moreover, one thing that attracts the viewers would be the filming locations of To All The Boys 3.

As time moved on, their locations kept on changing, and all their fans were grateful for experiencing this new phenomenon. Moreover, the third movie starts with a whole new country. Since then, fans were desperately looking into the details of its shooting schedules. The creators of this movie spent a lot of time choosing the right place for the movie’s storyline. At some point, the creators were able to control the setting of their shooting sites. Whereas when it comes to crowded places, the filmmakers had no control over anything. And this enthralled many fans to dig deeper into the filming locations of To All The Boys 3.

To All The Boys 3 Filming Locations

The third installment of this film took their fans to a whole new adventure wherein they included many prominent and beautiful places. To be more precise, the shooting first began in Seoul, South Korea. The movie began with the same location. To All The Boys is a Michael Fimognari directorial. As per the details, the director travelled to many different places to categorize a preferable location for the film. When it comes to the shooting schedules in Seoul, the creators had plans to take the filming locations to the popular spots of Seoul.

To all the boys 3 began filming in New York
Lana Condor as Lara Jean Covey

Fimognari revealed that he always wanted the filming locations of To All The Boys 3 to be colorful and vibrant. So he took his time and found the best places for the shooting which also included several prominent temples and marketplaces. Before taking the whole crew to Seoul, the filmmakers decided to begin the filming process in New York City. Since Seoul is a huge place, Fimognari had to review all the places to begin the shooting at convenient areas. He wanted the actors to be comfortable with their surroundings. And he found all these locations in Seoul and New York City.

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To All The Boys 3 Plot Summary

The story begins with a spring break trip to Seoul wherein our main character Lara Jean Covey portrayed by Lana Condor. For a very long time, Lana always wanted to go on a fun trip with her family. And finally, her dreams have become a reality. Things started to take off between Lara and Peter at the ending of To All The Boys. But things might take a different turn in this series. The character of Peter Kavinsky is portrayed by Noah Centineo. Moreover, Lana applied to several universities.

To All The Boys 3 covered maximum shots from Seoul South Korea
Noah Centineo as Peter Kavinsky

She wanted to be close to Peter. That’s the main reason for applying to Stanford University. But things didn’t work out the way she wanted, Lana was accepted by all the other universities she saved up for. But unfortunately, she couldn’t get into Stanford. Well, this situation made it pretty difficult for her to address this to Peter. And guess what? He didn’t take this well because Peter wanted to escape the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Moreover, the couple broke up on the prom night. She wanted to study at Berkeley University. Just to be close to Peter.

And soon, she declined the offer and decided to enroll at New York University. Peter was very disappointed with this, but there were some things that she wanted to do for herself. Things didn’t work out well at first, and the couples were busy with their own lives. But towards the end of the movie, both of them reconcile, and as the film ends, both Lara and Peter promise each other to never end their relationship. And just like the first movie Lara is looking forward to writing letters again. The best part about this movie would be the way it breaks the myth of long-distance relationships.

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