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Where is Tin Star Filmed? All Locations For The TV Show

Where is Tin Star filmed
Tin Star series poster.

The word “Tin Star”, rings any bells? Yes…that’s the one. The British TV crime drama caught the breaths of the viewers. The creator Rowan Joffé has done a fine job in making the series equally entertaining as well as keeping the viewers on tenterhooks. The show centers on Jim Worth and his family. It shows how far the former goes to protect his loved ones from any kind of danger or perilous situation. Let us know more about where Tin Star is filmed. Before diving into that here’s a brief synopsis of what the story runs around.

Jim has a gut-wrenching past…thanks to his former dealings as a London undercover detective. No matter how hard he tries to bury the hatchet it still keeps chasing him and now it also affects his family of four who recently moved to a small town in the Canadian Rockies.

Jim Worth works as a police chief in the small town’s Little big bear and tries to put behind his dark past and move ahead. This doesn’t seem to work as his past comes in front when he gets to know about the local oil company chief who is hell-bent on ruining his life along with his family’s. The major twist must be Jim’s alter ego which comes into service right when his family’s in danger and fights them.

Where is Tin Star filmed

Tin Star season 3 poster.

All the story’s twists and turns run around the oil country of Canada which got the viewer’s interest tied up till the end. The show’s season one has seen a spike in viewers response in regards to content and unconventionality. The show turned out to be one of the biggest hit drama series from Star Atlantic.

The legit ensemble which includes Tim Roth, Christina Hendricks, Genevieve O’Reilly, Abigail Lawrie, and many other star casts has added advantage. After season 1 premiere in September 2017 had a good run, the creators introduced another season which premiered in Jan of 2019 and the last and final season- S3 of the drama series hit the screens in December 2020. The final season’s filming mostly took place in England’s Liverpool.

Where is Tin Star filmed?

Season 1,2 key locations

 The crime drama series filming locations were mostly in and around the area of Calgary, Alberta. The creator chose this location and concomitantly implied a western touch in the series of episodes. A few of the bests were shot at Calgary by the western filmmakers. The creators engaged a pro location analyst and manager Jason Nolan. He has had a lot of hit films with rocky lands and mountains to his credit including the crime drama Tin Star.

The series’ small town, Little Big Bear is set in parts of western Canada and also involved several locations from Calgary. The first 2 seasons locations are filmed in the south of Calgary, 33 miles away – High River. One of the key locations in the police station which in fact is “the Museum of the Highwood”. Many shots and segments were even filmed out on the streets, local areas, and schools, and a few scenes were filmed beside a church (St Benedict Church).

Where is Tin Star filmed

Tin star bar location.

In High River, an unused building is converted into a bar for the series’ location, The town bar, Randy’s which can be seen in the show. Many other scenes which include police station segments and hotels set up were shot in the other floors of the same building. As it seems easy peasy to us, the viewers its not always so says the creator and location manager of the show.

Finale location challenges

The biggest challenged they faced was while deciding the location for Jim’s riverside house with a picturesque landscape. Jason Nolan proved his skill and talent on this one too by hunting for a perfectly desired property in the southwest of Calgary, close to the west of Bragg Creek in Kananaskis Country. The On-site house was built by the production designer and the crew.

Now comes the savage finale set up of season 1. The disastrous segments of the season end were filmed on The Moose Mountains Eastside, it takes place on a ridge above 7500ft and sparks the finale, and marks the series Tin Star’s superiority. Due to the change in the climate temperatures which go as low as -35ºC, the mood of the scene was perfectly set and shot.

Where is Tin Star filmed

Tin Star season 1 finale location- Moose Mountain.

Season 2’s prime locations include the oil company, home of the former PR of the company-Elizabeth Bradshaw. The scenes related were shot in a house on a shore connecting Calgary and High River. The house in the series was seen having frozen pipes which are quite different from the actual one.

The last and final season of the series was all set and shot in Liverpool, England. The season was premiered in December with its final episode aired on 24th December 2020.

Where is Tin Star filmed

Season 3 filming location.

 Where to watch?

The Star Atlantic’s hit can be watched on Voot and Amazon originals. Take this as a sign if you haven’t watched it yet. If you are a big fan of crime drama then buckle up for a roller coaster ride. Stay tuned for more updates and information.

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