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Where is TikTok Getting Banned in 2021 and Why?

Where is Tik Tok getting banned and why?

The following article is about is Tik Tok getting banned and why? We will also try to know about the possible reasons for which the ban was imposed. As of now, Tik Tok has upgraded itself as one of the most impactful and popular social media platforms. It had given a whole new direction to the way social media platforms used to work earlier. Today it is only because of Tik Tok that short videos are on the trend.

Moreover, it was the impact and the growing popularity of Tik Tok only, which had impressed and influenced other social media platforms to create a special space for the short video section. And within no time, other popular and global social media applications like Instagram and YouTube had launched similar features as that of Tik Tok. In Instagram, they had named that section “Reel.” On the other, YouTube decided to name that short video section “Shorts.” Following the success, it was capable of catching the eye of every individual.

Tik Tok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. As everyone might be knowing that Tik Tok is a video-sharing social media platform that is focused on social networking services. In China, Tik Tok is known as Douyin. Originally it was designed to host a variety of short videos that can range from genres like dance, comedy to education. But as time passed, it had witnessed growing its reach in many more fields.

Where is Tik Tok getting banned and why?

Tik Tok

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The main factors that why Tik Tok gained popularity?

One of the main reasons that why Tik Tok got so popular among the youth was because it helped them to show their skills. Moreover, the time for the videos was defined to be from fifteen seconds to three minutes. This was the main factor because, in a fast-moving world where all are very busy, these short videos had paved the way successfully. And here, different from any other platform, one doesn’t necessarily need any extra effort to do, they just need a proper strategy to stand out! But unfortunately, its increasing popularity had only become one of the factors that why various counties have imposed a ban over it. In the following article, we are going to discuss more where is Tik Tok getting banned and why?

Where is Tik Tok getting banned and why?

In 2018 Tik Tok had broken every record and had become the most downloaded app in the U.S. Its growing popularity had worried many world leaders that it would be a threat to global security. Many nations worried that it would help the Chinese government to gain sensitive pieces of information or data from every corner of the world. Following the tension and threats, many countries have imposed bans on it! But the reasons for every country were different. So, where is Tik Tok getting banned and why?


One of the countries which have imposed a strict ban on Tik Tok is India. The ban was put by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Indian Government on the 29th of June, 2020. The reason for imposing the ban was the ongoing border clash between the two countries, India and China. The clash was between the military troops of both the nations over disputed territory along their shared border between Ladakh and Western China. Moreover, Tik Tok was not the only Chinese application that had faced a ban from the Indian government. Along with Tik Tok, 223 other Chinese applications had gone through the same process. These 223 apps also included the popular WeChat and Shein. Border clash was one of the reasons, but the Indian government was also worried about the sensitive national information that was threatened to get leaked to the Chinese government.

Finally, in 2021, the government decided to keep the ban strong and permanent. Following this decision, the Chinese government announced that they would be cutting more than 2000 jobs in India because of the ban. The Indian government is firm with its decision. Earlier it had stated that “Tik Tok is prejudicial to authority and ethics of India, defense of India, especially to the security of the state and public order.” And now, even the company had given up on India that it would ever lift the ban. So we can say that India is on the priority list who has imposed a ban on the popular social media platform, Tik Tok.


Pakistan had recently added his name to the list of the countries which have banned Tik Tok. The reason for which this nation thought of taking this decision was because of the complaints received from the users regarding its unethical and filthy content shared on the platform. Users complained that the contents published on it were against the norms of the nation and were offensive to their community and culture. Following this, Pakistan thought of imposing a ban on it.

At first, the ban was imposed in the October of 2020. But later, it was reversed as the Tik Tok officials had said that they would remove objectionable TikTok content. But again, in the March of 2021, the ban was imposed. This time the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority regulators said that the Tik Tok was not able to show that they could remove such content.

According to our sources based on valid reports, they claim that the officials of the Tik Tok are presently in talks with the executives of Pakistan. And the Tik Tok officials are very much affirmative that they would succeed in lifting the ban. And very soon, the users of Pakistan would again be able to engage with others using this platform.

Where is Tik Tok getting banned and why?

Features and effects of Tik Tok

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Here also, the reason for imposing the ban was similar to Pakistan. The ban was put after the Indonesian government had claimed that this platform is used for sharing inappropriate content. And the user has also engaged in increasing the pornography over it. Together all this had degraded their religion and culture on the International domain. Following all the backlash, the Indonesian government had thought of banning Tik Tok. And in the July of 2018, the government had imposed a ban. But from very stating only, they had made it clear that the ban is temporary. And would think of lifting it if the officials of Tik Tok would take charge of monitoring the content over it.

Very soon, the officials had taken the change and had assured the government that in the future, they were going to monitor everything. And for this, they had also formed twenty sensors to monitor the harmful content uploaded. Following the positive response for the Tik Tok company, the country had also thought of giving an affirmative decision. And within ten days of the announcement of the ban, the Indonesian government had lifted the ban on the use of Tik Tok.


In Bangladesh, the ban on Tik Tok was imposed in the November of 2018. The government had blocked the TikTok application’s Internet access stating that Tik Tok had become a hub of pornography and gambling. However, the company thinks that the statement mentioned had no connection to the reason for the ban. Then in the August of 2020, the Bangladeshi government had instructed the authorities of Tik Tok to remove ten videos from the platform that were uploaded from the country. Reports came that the Minister of Post and Telecommunication of Bangladesh had said that the officials of the Tik Tok will take down “offensive” videos uploaded from Bangladesh”


It was in the October of 2020 that the users of Tik Tok who were residing in Amenia were reporting a loss of app functionality. But no legal information was released regarding this that whether it was caused because of the interjection of the government or any other thing.

Where is Tik Tok getting banned and why?

Visuals of Tik Tok

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Is Tik Tok going to ban in the USA?

Well, the previous government had tried every way by which it could impose a ban on the ongoing popular social media platform, Tik Tok. The previous President of the United States, Donald Trump, had earlier signed a series of executive orders to block the applications there were owned by the companies which were based in China. Along with the popular Tik Tok, the other applications which were on his list were Alipay and CamScanner. The reason for which he tried to do so was because of the threat to national security. But following the legal issues and all, he wasn’t able to do so completely.

And now, the new U.S. President, Joe Biden, has officially nullified the decision of imposing the ban on Tik Tok and WeChat, which was raised by the previous government. And as of now, the new U.S. President has no intention to ban Tik Tok in the United States.

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