Where Is Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Filmed? Locations & Cast Members

where was thunderbolt and lightfoot filmed
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974|)

One of the most classic comedy crime movies has to be Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, starring none other than Clint Eastwood. If you are a huge fan of classic movies, then this movie is something that you should add to your list. The plot of the movie is not only engaging but also quite funny. Though the ending made a few people cry with a sad smile on their faces. However, other than the amazing Eastwood, another great thing about the movie are the places where it was shot. The location was one of the best choices by the team. In this article, we will try to find out where was Thunderbolt and Lightfoot filmed?

The movie can be easily classified as one of the best Clint Eastwood movies of all time. The movie starts as a nice comedic thriller movie, with a tragic end, and people loved the mix. They were engrossed with the heist and were amazed by the brilliant acting and the whole screenplay of the movie. Hence, if you want to go for a nice thriller movie, then you can watch Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.

Where was Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Filmed?

Now we come to the main part, where was Thunderbolt and lightfoot filmed? Well, you might be surprised, but as the characters say that they are in Montana, USA, the movie was shot in Montana. The very first scene, where Lightfoot saves Thunderbolt from a church, takes place in St. John’s Lutheran Church, Hobson. This is one of the churches in Hobson, and it did look pretty fitting into the mood of the movie. The other locations were Meadowlark Elementary School, Great Falls. This was the new school in the movie, which was replaced by the old barren school where Thunderbolt had hidden the money from the first heist. Imagine studying in a school where such a great movie was shot!

where was thunderbolt and lightfoot filmed
Gates of the Mountains Montana.

These were some specific scene-related locations that we could identify, the other locations are Diversion Lake, Lewis and Clark National Forest, Fort Benton, Augusta, Choteau, Gates of the Mountains, and Cascade. Eastwood had requested the team not to put too much time into finding the locations of the movie. Still, the team had decided to go all over Montana to find the appropriate locations for the movie. It was shot just in 47 days.

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Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Cast

Well, we have mentioned it before, this movie is known as one of the classic Clint Eastwood movies, and he plays the character of Thunderbolt. His character goes extremely well with that of Lightfoot, and the chemistry with Jeff Bridges made the duo look unstoppable in the movie. Of course, the duo is the main character of the movie, and everyone else is just the villains. However, everyone played their roles extremely good, and there was never a beat missing among the casts. All of them played their characters extremely well.

where was thunderbolt and lightfoot filmed
A scene from the movie.

The other Thunderbolt and Lightfoot cast members were George Kennedy (as Red), Geoffrey Lewis (as Eddie Goody), Roy Jenson as Dunlop), Catherine Bach (as Melody), and others. Most of the casts were either quite popular before the movie, and some of them became popular after the movie.

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Plot

If you just want a small synopsis of the movie to decide if you are going to watch the movie or not, well, the fact that Clint Eastwood is there should be enough. However, the story begins with Lightfoot saving Thunderbolt from his gang, as he has stolen money from a bank. His gang thinks that he has turned against them, as Thunderbolt has hidden the money somewhere for safety. The duo then comes up with another heist to get back the money they stole, and what happens after that, you got to watch the movie to know. However, by now, you will know that there is a tragic end to the movie, yet, there is always something bittersweet about tragic endings.

You can watch the movie here

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