Where Is The Suffragette Filmed? All About The Movie’s Production

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where is The Suffragette filmed
A still from the movie

The fans of the movie The Suffragette are wondering where it has been filmed for the longest time! The movie is a strong political movie that shows the struggles women faced in the early days. It shows the brutal reality of the inequality women face. The movie is shown about a time when only men could vote, that too, only property-owning men. A group of women decides to get their part of rights and protest, conduct hunger strikes and even go to jail in order to get what they deserve.

The political movie is very inspiring, and the great mind behind writing it is Abi Morgan. The director is Sarah Gavron, and it stars great and talented actors like Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff, Helena Carter, and even the very famous Meryl Streep! The movie depicts scenes where these women face violence, but they decide to give an answer with violence back! Now, let us talk about the details of the movie and where The Suffragette, which came out in 2015, is filmed.

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What Is The Suffragette About?

The story is of the early feminist movement’s foot soldiers. The women who were pushed underground to play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an increasingly repressive state. The ladies were not from the upper crust of society but working-class women who had seen peaceful protests fail. The women were so strong that they were even willing to lose everything in their fight. They wanted equality of their jobs, houses, children because they had become radicalized and saw violence as the only way to change.

where is The Suffragette filmed
A still from the movie

The character Maud in the movie is one of these unsung heroes. Her struggle is shown in the movie, which is engrossing like a thriller movie, and it is heartbreaking and inspiring as well. The movie shows it all, hunger strikes, bombs in mailboxes, etc. In 1913, Emily Davison walked in front of King George’s racing horse holding “Votes for Women” and was trampled to death. The funeral procession drew tens of thousands of people who lined the streets to witness it.

Suffragette shows the documents of the WSPU holding secret meetings to discuss strategies when rallies and protests fail to win women the power to vote. “Suffragette” decided to expand their involvement with civil disobedience, causing damage to Oxford Street windows, postboxes, churches, and politicians’ homes after increased abuse by employers, police, and political lies. They are also imprisoned, and their struggles are hard to watch.

How Does The Movie End?

Working-class women, women of color, unmarried women, and those who differed from conventional ideology were originally shunned, as was the case with many movements. “Suffragette” concludes with a timeline of when various countries granted women the right to vote. In the United States, all women were granted the right to vote in 1920, but state regulations and intimidation kept black women out of the polls for decades. The movie shows the problematic reality of the world.

Where Is The Suffragette Filmed? Details About The Locations

The film uses stunning filming locales, mostly in London and Southeast England. Maud is seen working in deplorable conditions of ‘Glasshouse Laundry’ in Bethnal Green. This location is at London’s impoverished East End. The bleak workplace was shot in different locales, in particular, two different locations.

The interior was shot in the massive workplace at the Factory in Highfield Oval, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. This is roughly 25 miles north of downtown London. Once upon a time, it was a children’s home and now is the headquarters of Youth With A Mission, an international Christian organization.

where is the suffragette filmed
Central Lobby, Houses Of Parliament.

Helena Carter and Carey Mulligan were sighted filming exterior shots at the now-demolished Lincoln’s Inn Gate. It is the scene where Maud and Edith are released from jail for the first time. Maud is shown living at Walton House, on the Boundary Estate near Arnold Circus, London E2. She is shown living with her husband Sonny and small son Georgie. These tenements are not far from the real Bethnal Green. It was built for local manufacturing employees in the early 1900s.

The Suffragette’s rally and protest scene were shot in Myddelton Square. It is a well-preserved and affluent location far apart from the bleak dungeons beneath Sans Walk. Another scene is shot at Theed Street. It is at Roupell Street, SE1, near Waterloo. The scene shows the terraced street where Maud reads newspaper headlines about the rioting and also hears that Mrs. Pankhurst has gone into hiding. Finally, Suffragette was the first film to film within the ‘Houses of Parliament,’ all thanks to special permission by the government!

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