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Where Is ‘The Prisoner’ TV Show Filmed? All About The Locations & Plot

The Prisoner Filming Locations

The Prisoner is a popular TV show which began streaming in the year 1967. This show highlights different genres like science fiction and psychological drama. Moreover, this show garnered massive attention from its filming locations. And guess what? ‘The Prisoner’ is filmed in captivating locations. And this, TV show created a huge emphasis on the minds of the viewers. In the older times, people didn’t have proper ways to find out about the locations, so that’s the main reason behind all the hype for this television show. Every episode of this show is interesting and guess what? You will find new concepts in every episode.

Moreover, this show had a different influence on the television industry because it changed the whole course of entertainment. Fans have been looking forward to watching more shows like these. And guess what? Even now, this television drama series is popular and it is one of the classics today. Take a look at this series, it is made with precision. Since this is a psychological drama, the creators of this show made sure that every episode contains the right information. Thus, ‘The Prisoner’ is filmed in locations that match the whole plot of this story.

Plot Summary

According to the storyline of this series, the story surrounds the life of a man who left his job as a secret service government agent. And this happened without any warning. Well, his disappearance caused a lot of havoc in the minds of his subordinates and other officers who worked along with him. On the other hand, it seems the man was taken into captivity. Moreover, these men used a kind of sleeping medicine to make him unconscious. And things became even worse from here. Because he’s got no idea about his location. Gradually, he tries to figure out all the little details of the area.

Where Is The Prisoner Filmed

Patrick McGoohan as Number Six

And upon investigating, he realises that he’s in an unknown coastal land. Moreover, he’s not able to find any exits to escape from the village. Moreover, the secret agent is popular as Number Six in the show. Gradually, he realises that the villagers from the secret village are trying to manipulate agent Number six into telling them the actual reasons behind his retirement. To make this possible, they use several methods and tricks to fool him but nothing seems to be working out. Agent Number six is being very careful with his words and actions.

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This is to prevent him from blurting out any necessary information. But these villagers want to wreck his strong mind with several techniques. But guess what? Number Six will not be fazed. Well, the character portrayal of agent Number six was the main reason behind the show’s immense popularity. Because people appreciated his constant efforts to keep his reasons to himself. Even after all the pressure, he didn’t reveal anything to anyone. And even if it is an old television series, people are still following the series for its mesmerizing portrayal of dialogues and storylines.

Where Is ‘The Prisoner’ Filmed?

When it comes to the filming locations of this movie, ‘The Prisoner’ is filmed in England. To be more precise, the majority of the scenes are from the MGM Studios. And most of the scenes is also from Portmeirion and this is near North Wales. And guess what? The shooting began a year before the actual release of the film. That is in the year 1966. Well, shooting at Borehamwood was necessary because some of the scenes needed utmost precision. And this was easy to manage at the MGM studios. Moreover, the story is in London as per the movie.

Patrick McGoohan as Number Six


But later they didn’t reveal anything about the location which used after abducting Number six. The unknown village area was from the studios specifically. The viewers of this show are still expecting to watch more television series like The Prisoner because it is pretty difficult to find stories with such strong plot twists. Amidst all these problems, Number Six is constantly trying to figure out the original leader behind his abduction. And all the episodes have a different journey for you to watch. Moreover, there are around 17 episodes in the first season of this show.

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