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Where is The Train Robbers Filmed? All The Filming Locations

Where is The Train Robbers filmed? Even after years, some movies left a pretty good mark in our minds. One such movie is the 1973 movie The Train Robbers. This film was written and directed by Burt Kennedy. In this article, we will be looking at where was the movie the train robbers filmed. Along with that, we will also be looking at some interesting facts about the movie. The movie discusses to us the story of Mrs. Lowe, who wants to tell the railroad where to find the gold, which is worth more than half-million U.S. dollars, that was stolen by her late husband, Matt, during a train robbery. She is doing this to clear the family’s name for her son.

Meanwhile, Lane convinces Lowe to retrieve the gold so that she can collect the $50,000 reward offered by the railroad if the gold is returned. To recover the gold, Lane lines up some of his old friends to assist him. While at the same time, the other original train robbers had also gathered a gang to get the gold at any cost. All of them set’s off for a journey to retrieve the gold in their own ways. After a series of adventures and battles, they were able to recover the gold. The next day Lane and his men put Mrs. Lowe on a train to return the gold, telling her that she could keep the reward for herself and her son.

But as they were walking past the end of the train lane and his men met the Pinkerton Agent who tells them that Matt Lowe was never married and Mrs. Lowe, in reality, was a prostitute named Lilly and had fooled them into helping her to get the gold for herself. The film closes to an end when Lane and his gang chase the train to rob it back.

Still from The Train Robbers.

Where is The Train Robbers filmed?

Now that we know about the movie’s plot let us look at where the movie the train robbers were filmed. The filming of the movie the train robbers took place in Sierra de Órganos National Park, situated in the town of Sombrerete, Mexico. This park is known for its diverse arid land setting, which was able to give the movie its rugged vibe.

There are towering rock formations around Sierra de Órganos National Park, reminiscent of the pipes of the musical instrument. The park got its name from the rock formations found there. Along with that, two brief scenes of the movie took place in the square that was used for the final shootout in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

The filming of the movie the train robbers took place in Sierra de Órganos National Park, situated in the town of Sombrerete, Mexico.

The cast of the movie The Train Robbers

Now we know where were the movie the train robbers were filmed and the plot of the movie. Let us look at the cast of the movie the Train Robbers. The cast of the movie includes John Wayne as Lane, Ann-Margret as Lilly Lowe, Rod Taylor as Grady, Ben Johnson as Jesse, Christopher George as Calhoun, Bobby Vinton as Ben Young, Jerry Gatlin as Sam Turner, and Ricardo Montalban as The Pinkerton man.

Interesting Facts about The Train Robbers

  • The main antagonist in the movie is the Pinkerton Man. However, he does speak a word until nearly ninety minutes into the film.
  • Film director Burt Kennedy wanted to cast Jack Elam as Grady instead of Rod Taylor. However, John Wayne felt that Elam had stolen too many scenes from him when they worked together in the 1970 film Rio Lobo. So they John insisted upon casting Rod Taylor.
  • John Wayne had fractured two ribs shortly before the shooting began. This caused him so much pain and difficulty in sleeping at night. Because of this, the action scenes had to be scaled down in the film. However, Wayne tried his best to follow the difficult shooting schedule.

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