Where Is The K-Pop Idol Holland From?

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Where Is Holland K-pop From?

With the pride month going on, the awareness regarding the LGBTQA+ folks is increasing among people. From artists to the pioneers in STEM, the ones from the LGBTQA+ community are also getting the recognition. One such artist is Holland, the k-pop idol from South Korea. Known as South Korea’s first openly gay k-pop idol, Holland’s full name is Go Tae Seob. From being a closeted depressed kid in school, Tae Seob is now known among the masses for his amazing music. Still curious about the k-pop idol, fans, old and new, have a lot of questions about him, from where is the k-pop idol Holland from to how did he come out.

Being a 96-liner, Holland’s birthday is March 4. Holland made his debut in 2018 with the single ‘Neverland’. The music video for ‘Neverland’ crossed a million views within 24 hours without any major promotions and PR. That to be without many promotions. Holland has been asked several times about the reason he chose his name to be Holland. Opening up, the idol revealed that he was inspired by the country Netherlands. As the Netherlands is the only country that has legalized same-sex marriage, Tae Seob decided to go with the other name for the country, i.e., Holland, as respect and inspiration.

Changing his name and letting his out and proud persona take over him, Holland has never looked back.

Where Is Holland K-pop From?
Holland’s debut MV “Neverland” is rated R because of its portrayal of a gay relationship. The MV was how Holland came out to his fans.

Where Is The K-Pop Idol Holland From?

Hearing the name Holland, fans often question if Tae Seob is South Korean or a foreign-born Korean who came to the country to be a k-pop idol. To answer the question, Holland is from South Korea only. Born in Daegu in North Gyeongsang Province of South Korea, Holland is from the ‘Apple City’ or the ‘Textile City’ of South Korea. A lot of k-pop idols like Suga and V from BTS, Irene from Red Velvet, Bona from WJSN, and Jaechan from DKZ also hail from the same city. With his album finally out, Holland is currently living in Seoul, i.e., the capital of South Korea. Living alone and working as a solo artist, he manages his own company named Holland Entertainment.

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How Was Holland’s Life Before Becoming A K-pop Idol?

Before making his debut as a k-pop idol, Holland moved to Seoul soon after his school ended. Life in school wasn’t easy for the idol as he had no support from his friends. He’s always been bad at hiding emotions. The idol also shared in an interview with Vice that he came out to his friends in school, but they didn’t accept him. They even went on to spread rumors about him and bullied him to the moment that he didn’t want to come to school. Holland has found comfort in music and especially k-pop. He’s a huge fan of EXO, BTS, One Direction, G-Dragon, CL, and NCT. K-pop has always made him feel comforted. And all Holland has longed for is love and respect.

Where Is Holland K-pop From?
Holland wants to dance and create choreographies.

Having a bit of interest in photography, Holland joined the Seoul Institute of the Arts and went on to major in photography. But thinking about what he actually wanted to do, he decided to drop out and get himself ready for his k-pop debut. Teaming up with his former manager Tae Lim Lee, who’s an ally to the LGBTQA+ community, he went on to release a mini-album through crowdfunding. In the interview with Vice, Lee also shared that Holland has been very confident and assertive about his sexuality ever since they started working together.

Now out and proud, Holland has been attending the Pride Parade in South Korea. He’s even hoping to get a chance to be on the stage in the upcoming years. Making music and being himself, Holland wants to be the support to all the LGBTQA+ folks out there, especially the high schoolers.

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