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Where is The Father Who Moves Mountains Filmed? All The Filming Locations & The Plot

Where is The Father Who Moves Mountains Filmed? It’s a Romanian drama-thriller. Daniel Sandu directed the film in 2021. Adrien Titiea, Elena Purea, and Judith State are the peak cast of the movie. The Romanian drama, Tata Muta Muntii, is available on Netflix. The film talks about how power, obsession, guilt, and regret destroy a person’s life. This film is about a father, Mircea (Adrien Titiea), whose mistakes make him suffer throughout his life. The Father Who Moves Mountains is a story at different levels. Mircea is blinded by power and obsession so much that he forgets his loved ones. It’s a moving account of a man who left his first wife and son to marry again. One day, he hears about the news of his son missing. It fills him with remorse. He goes on a single-minded pursuit to find someone who was always his own. 

Once Mircea realizes that his son got lost in the mountains, he decides to do anything to find him, even if it would take his life. The rescue team had lost hope, so Mircea used his connections to search for him. He used to be an intelligence officer, so he used the intelligence team. But unfortunately, all of them gave up as the winter weather was making the mountains treacherous. He refused to give up and stood his ground, but was it too late? His earlier delinquency of abandoning his wife and soon was too much for him to handle. He even totally stopped listening to his second wife. We shall first see where is, The Father Who Moves Mountains Filmed. Then we will move on to the plot.

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The Father Who Moves Mountains Filmed


Where is The Father Who Moves Mountains Filmed? All Locations:

The Father Who Moved Mountains Filmed in Romania at Bucegi Mountains. Romania is known for its hiking trails has plenty else to offer- the incredible mountain range, The Bucegi Mountains. The mountain has a history of stories, superstitions. No wonder this was the chosen spot for the filming of this iconic movie of grit and determination.

Romania, known for magic, myth, and Dracula, became a natural choice for filming this adrenaline-filled adventure instead of simple landscapes. At an elevation of 8248 ft, and is an all-season destination. Bucegi mountain is the preferred spot for hiking, mountaineering, ice climbing, etc. Spread over an area of over 300 square km, Bucegi is on the border of the east and south Carpathians. The favorite tourist destination with plenty of high peaks, it has become a go-to paradise for climbers. 

The temperature at its coldest touch minus twenty-seven Degrees Centigrade, with snow lasting for 75 days, becomes a preferred spot. The mountains have also been the location for the movie Crown of fire, Manhunt. Primarily this is because it offers plenty of blizzards, snowstorms, avalanches. Not far from the legendary home of Dracula, the mountains have an unbelievable unspoiled natural scenery. As it is the favorite for hikers, there could be no better choice.

The Director Daniel Sandu based the film on a true story, which took place in Romania in the year 2008. Physically challenging, the filming during winter gave a surreal effect as there were avalanches. Shooting at locations with different altitudes from as low as Busteni to high locations, the Cariman Peak was a difficult and learning experience.

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The Father Who Moves Mountains Filmed

Mircea’s wife, whom he abandoned

The Man Who Moves Mountains: Remaining Plot

Mircea wanted to make up for the lost time and make amends. The story settles a deep connection emotionally between the man and his son. The unforgiving mountain sadly does not show mercy to young or old. It became a personal battle between a strong-willed and tenacious man and a harsh mountain.

There was no one to support or even lend a shoulder. He was alienated, by his team, the official units, even his second wife. But he was having none of it. Mircea had only himself to answer. He felt repentant, but his resoluteness remained intact. The will of the man overcame the ravages of the Carpathian mountain.

Mircea could never find his son. He could not make sure to his son how much he loved him. This love was unconditional. The story is inspiring and will go down the ages as any devoted father who would spring into action in an emergency, a true hero.

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