Where Is Ted Lasso Filmed? Locations & Plot Summary

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Ted Lasso Filming Locations : All About Its Location!
Ted Lasso Filming Locations

Ted Lasso is a streaming television series featuring American sports comedy-drama. The show is created by Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly. As an NBC Sports presenter, Sudeikis played a character with the same name in a series of promo videos for the Premier League. Ted Lasso, an American college football coach, is the protagonist of the show. His involvement in a sports team is an attempt by its owner to spite her ex-husband by making him head coach. Further, with an optimistic demeanor and his folky ways, Lasso attempts to win over the skeptical English market despite his lack of experience.

Critical accolades have been accorded to the series. Especially commendable were its performances, writing, and tone, and themes that uplifted the spirits. A total of 20 Primetime Emmy Awards have been nominated for the show. Additionally, it was the most nominated freshman comedy in the history of the Emmy Awards. The performances of Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, and Brett Goldstein were all awarded. For its Outstanding Comedy Series Award in 2021, the series won the Primetime Emmy. In addition, Sudeikis was also awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor. He also won outstanding Male Performance by a Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Additionally, the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Musical or Comedy Series.

As a tremendously successful series, there are a lot of questions. Additionally, even a tiny bit of information about it is always interesting to fans. As we continue our discussion in this article, we will investigate another fact about the series. In this article, we are going to discuss Ted Lasso’s filming locations.

Ted Lasso Filming Locations : All About Its Location!
Ted Lasso

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Ted Lasso Filming Locations

The setting and location of a movie or series play an important part in a movie’s or series’ success. Moreover, it attracts viewers to the movie. Additionally, it makes the movie seem interesting or real by making it seem realistic. The same can be said about Ted Lasso, one of the most successful series in the country. The location of Ted Lasso played a significant role in its success. Viewers were drawn to the series’ setting because it is in a stunning location. Additionally, they were interested in Ted Lasso’s filming locations.

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Ted Lasso was filmed most of the time in London, United Kingdom. Filming was conducted at this location because it was deemed the most suitable. It is especially noteworthy since the plot revolves around the English Premier League. As well as London, there are several places which have been used as filming locations for Ted Lasso. The Hayes & Yeading United Football Club is one of those locations. It was there that the football matches and training scenes were filmed. Further, several prestigious sporting events take place over there every year, making it a popular location in the city.

The West London Film Studios is another Ted Lasso filming location. Further, the filming takes place in Hayes, Hillingdon, London. A large majority of episodes of the series are shot in these studios. Furthermore, both noted places are popular tourist destinations in London. London has been the location for many other films and television shows as well. In addition, exterior shots of Craven Cottage, the home stadium of Fulham, appeared in season 1. The ground was used for AFC Richmond’s away match at Everton, bypassing for Goodison Park, another Premier League ground. The FA Cup semi-final with Manchester City F.C. was filmed at Wembley Stadium in season 2.

Ted Lasso Filming Locations : All About Its Location!
One of the locations where Ted Lasso filmed

The Plot Of Series

Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), an underdog coach who lacks experience, is offered a chance to coach a Premier League team AFC Richmond. Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), the club’s new owner, offers him the position. AFC Richmond’s former playboy husband, Rupert Mannion, loves the team dearly, so Rebecca’s sole motive is to destroy its legacy. Further, Rebecca has full ownership rights in the club as per the divorce settlement. Therefore, she expects Ted Lasso to fumble the game and bring shame to the team.

Ted Lasso Filming Locations : All About Its Location!
Ted Lasso Characters

She fails to succeed when Ted Lasso succeeds as a coach due to his charm and dedication. In an attempt to hinder Ted’s motives, Rebecca finds a new way to frustrate him, but Ted’s enthusiasm triumphs overall. Ultimately, the story comes down to a man who is hopeful and strongly believes in the word “believe.” Ted and Coach Beard’s arrival in town and their struggle to integrate with the team are the premises of Ted Lasso’s first season. There is a race to win the Premier League in the later episodes of the season. Ted Lasso brings innocence and uniqueness to the comedy that has never been experienced before. He is the most powerful pillar and the greatest star of the series.

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