Where Is Surviving Christmas Filmed? Locations & Plot

Surviving Christmas is yet another Christmas movie which talks about the life of a lonely advertising executive. To relive his childhood days, he pays a family to spend Christmas with him. The storyline is quite complex and fun at the same time. Many viewers didn’t appreciate it much. Moreover, the film couldn’t make it to the box office, because of which the movie received massive backlash. Well, speaking about the same, the creators of this film decided to delay the release because of Ben Affleck’s 2003 movie Paycheck. Apart from all this, one thing that captured maximum attention would be the filming locations of Surviving Christmas.

The locations are really beautiful and sophisticated, and this attracted a whole lot of viewers to the movie. Moreover, the movie couldn’t last long in the theatres, and thus, it didn’t receive any positive ratings. The shooting was not at all easy for this one. Moreover, there were plenty of issues at the filming locations of Surviving Christmas. It seems like the creators began the filming in early 2001. But the shooting didn’t end up until 2003. Moreover, they had to wait for a whole year to release the movie so that it didn’t clash with any of the upcoming movies.

Surviving Christmas Filming Locations

Speaking of the filming locations of Surviving Christmas, the creators made sure to do the filming in Chicago, the United States. They’ve used many beautiful locations from here. Moreover, they’ve recreated the main set-up completely to maintain the authenticity of the movie and also to provide the Christmas feels. Apart from this, the movie is said to be filmed in different places like Los Angeles and California as well. To be more precise, the creators of this film couldn’t reveal any detail about this movie since it had several bad reviews in the industry.

Surviving Christmas Filming Locations
Ben Affleck as Drew Latham

Moreover, one location garnered massive attention, and that would be the Old Downtown Starbucks. Many people visited it and shared their experiences through their social media handles. It seems that the old and rusty look captured maximum people towards this particular place. It seems like the director highlighted the scenes of Orange city in California. To be more precise, according to that scene, our lead actor takes the rented family shopping. Moreover, Surviving Christmas is a Mike Mitchell Directorial. Apart from the storyline, the locations surely attracted multiple viewers to the movie. Mike Mitchell directed this film with his entire focus on places that had a family feel to them.

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Plot Summary

Ben Affleck plays the lead role in the movie. He represents the character of Drew Latham. Speaking of this movie, it created a huge drawback in Affleck’s career. He became popular for his downfall in the years 2003 and 2004. Well, the story begins with the lonely and sophisticated life of a millionaire Drew. Growing up, he always wanted to spend time with his family. His idea of celebrating different festivals was interesting indeed. But he couldn’t anymore. Randomly, he decides to pay a visit to his old house, and there he meets up with a new family.

Surviving Christmas was filmed in Chicago USA
Surviving Christmas

After meeting them, Drew is immediately rushed with a feeling of Christmas celebration. But the Valco family doesn’t have anything to do with him. Until he offers them heavy pay. Soon, he starts to enjoy the family life that he had been longing for! Moreover, Drew has created a contract with the Valcos, and it will expire on Christmas night. Gradually, Drew experiences their way of living with problems, and it seems like he is exasperating the family even more. Soon, things take a different turn after Alicia arrives.

She is the daughter of the family. Moreover, she is surprised by his presence but soon accustoms to it. At first, Alicia is heavily annoyed, but soon, they begin spending more time with each other. As time moves on, Drew talks about his family life and his experiences with his mother’s struggles and father’s absence. To be more precise, Drew was scared to spend Christmas alone as his girlfriend. Missy broke up with him as well. A lot of misunderstandings arise, but still, Drew doesn’t back off. Towards the end of the movie, Drew is finally on good terms with his rented family and Alicia.

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