Where is Snowkissed Filmed? All The Locations Explained

Kate and Jen
Snowkissed Filming : Kate and Jen

Snowkissed movie is a romantic movie from Hallmark productions, it is streaming on Apple TV. The movie is also streaming on Netflix now. This winter romance was directed by Jeff Beesley. The movie obviously belongs to Romance Genre. Snowkissed was produced by companies like Cartel Pictures, Reel One Entertainment. Snowkissed movie is released in January 2021. It’s been a success just jn few days of release. The movie attracted so many fans with its beautiful romantic duo – Jen Lilley and Chris McNally.

The movie was filmed in winter locations. The film got huge appreciation for its direction of photography. People are rushing to the internet for the real places of Snowkissed. Jen Lilley acted as Kate Daniels who is a prolific writer in a company. Kate’s been trying for promotion ever since she joined the job. She got the job of writing a book and that requires her to travel to Canada. Unfortunately, Kate never traveled around the world. This opportunity gave her desired promotion and affiliation with unexpected twist in her life.

The Story Behind Snowkissed Filming

The winter is here, everyone is up for some winter movies in their holidays. Well, the movie Snowkissed from the Hallmark channel is the best one to watch. If you got any date plans with your partner, Snowkissed is one of the best movies to watch together. The Film portrays an unconditional love between people living nations apart. If you believe in destiny, the Snowkissed movie will give the taste of what real destiny means. A writer from somewhere in the world falls in love with a B&B owner somewhere on the other side of the world. Let’s just say, it’s the destiny of love.

Still from Snowkissed.

Let’s just say, it’s the destiny of love. Not just love and romance in the movie. You can truly feel the holiday vibe from this movie. It is filmed in such a way by director Jeff Beesley that the sceneries enlighten the romance with its beauty. As the name itself suggests, Snowkissed is a perfect winter movie with wonderful winter locations. Few of the places from this movie may look familiar because a few scenes filmed in Snowkissed are famous holiday locations. On the other way, Instagram popular place for influencers and celebrities.

Snowkissed Filming Locations

Snowkissed movie is filmed in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Banff is a town famous for its resorts located in Alberta which is surrounded by high peaks and hiking areas. Every winter season Banff offers tourists adventure activities like boating, Hiking, and of course skating. The lake featured in the movie is Lake Louis a famous Instagram location for influencers and celebrities. Lake Louis is in Banff National park and it is popular for its blue turquoise waters.

Snowkissed Filming
Snowkissed Filming : Sulphur Mountains

The other locations from the movie are also from Banff, Alberta, Canada. The Basin meadow and the cave are also highlighted in the movie. The main highlight of the movie is the Banff resort town and Banff national park. Banff national park is 78 miles to the west of town and it is the largest metropolis in the entire national park.

More about Banff

Banff attracts many tourists during winters as it offers tourists adventure activities with beautiful sceneries that are worth a visit. The Beachwood Bed and Breakfast owned by Noah is the home of real owner Jan and her daughter Katrina. The Banff public market filmed in the movie is the interior of the guest house.

House in Banff Gondola
Snowkissed Filming: House in Banff Gondola

Banff Gondola is the place where the sightseeing takes place to look for the mountains. Banff Gondola is a splendid place to visit for its beautiful views of the valley. We can see  The mountain views of Sulphur Mountain from this place. A few miles apart from Banff Gondola, we can also find hiking areas full of tourists, especially in winters.

The movie also featured Banff Gondola lift. Kate and Noah take a ride that leads to the Sky Bistro panoramic restaurant located at 2289 meters. The restaurant offers high-end varieties of dishes and cuisines. The menu has many Canadian Varities.

With all the beautiful sceneries and destiny of love, Snowkissed gives a perfect holiday vibe and is a must-watch movie.

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