Where Is ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’ Filmed? All About The Locations & Plot

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Where Was Sleeping With The Enemy Filmed?

Where was ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’ filmed? The 1991 Spy-thriller, directed by Joseph Ruben out of a screenplay by Ronald Bass, stars Julia Roberts, Kevin Anderson, and Patrick Bergin. It’s an adaptation of a homonymous novel by Nancy Priced, which she penned back in 1987. And this movie depicts a woman that faked her death to escape from her overbearing husband, escapes to Iowa, thinks she lost him but becomes scared after she finds out he tracked her.

Sleeping With The Enemy was released on February 8, 1991. Despite the negative press, the movie became a blockbuster box office hit. Moreover, the movie raked in over US$ 175 million after using a budget of only US$ 19 million. Additionally, at its time, the movie became a hit for starring Julia Roberts. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin covering this topic.

Where Was Sleeping With The Enemy Filmed?
With such a menacing-looking hubby, no wonder Julia Roberts fled from Cape Cod

Where Is ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’ Filmed?

This Joseph Ruben 1991 feature film ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’ was filmed between North and South Carolina in the United States of America. The Carolinas are a huge landmass in the Eastern seaboard of the USA that used to belong to the Florida Territories once discovered by Juan Ponce de León. Noticeable by their strong Southern culture, these states have a strong heritage and also possess beautiful landscapes of rivers, mountains, valleys, and Atlantic shore.

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Laura and Martin’s beach house was filmed on the Shell Island Resort Hotel in Wrightsville Beach. A town in New Hanover County, located to the east of the city of Wilmington. The beach is vast, 6-kilometer long coast with an interior island. On a side note, the teenage drama show Dawson’s Creek was also filmed here.

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Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Abbeville, South Carolina

Laura’s place in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where she relocates, was shot in Abbeville, South Carolina. It’s a small city 138 kilometers from Columbia built by the French Huguenot settlers back in 1764. Abbeville was the place where they shot a lot of scenes for this movie, including several shots on the street. It’s the hometown of John C. Calhoun, the seventh American Vice-President of Mary Elizabeth Moragne Davis.

Abbeville, South Carolina
Abbeville, South Carolina


Laura Burney and her husband Martin, a popular Boston investor counselor, appear to be living the American Dream. Laura was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by Martin all through their approximately four-year marriage because of his controlling and overly emotional personality. A pattern of apology flowers and gifts follows, each time with the same sincerity.

In spite of Laura’s fear of water, Martin accepts the proposal of their neighbor, a physician, to go sailing with him on the evening of his birthday. Martin and the doctor find it difficult to maintain control of the ship as a severe storm approaches without warning. Laura, who is unable to swim, falls overboard. Laura has been declared dead by the Coast Guard after a lengthy search.

Time Goes By So Slowly

After a period of time, Laura has regained consciousness. Her plan for escaping Martin’s abuse was put into action after she had learned how to swim secretly. Martin learns that Laura is alive and well. Martin locates Laura and learns more about Ben’s whereabouts. Laura’s house is where he breaks into while Ben and Laura are outside.

A brawl ensues between Martin and Laura, which ends with Martin knocking Ben unconscious. Laura knees him in the groin as he aims his gun at Ben. In order to keep Martin at bay, she grabs his weapon and holds him there. To his surprise, Martin is shot three times by Laura as she calls the police to tell them to protect her from him. Laura tells police she killed an intruder and then shoots him. After being shot, Martin tries desperately to kill Laura by grabbing the gun and pointing it at her. Laura and Ben hold hands and call the cops as Martin succumbs to his injuries.

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Sleeping With The Enemy Trailer:

Where to Watch Sleeping With The Enemy in the UK, Australia, USA, and Canada?

If you live in the United Kingdom, Sleeping With The Enemy is available via Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Virgin Media Go. It’s also available for rent or purchase from Chili, the Microsoft Store, Amazon Direct Video, Apple iTunes, and the Sky Store. If you live in the United States, this movie is available for streaming via HBO Max, Spectrum, DirecTV, and Apple iTunes. You can rent it from Apple iTunes, Amazon Direct Video, YouTube TV, Vudu Fandango, and DirecTV.

Also, if you reside in Australia, the movie is available from Disney+ and you can rent it from Fetch, Apple iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube TV. Lastly, if you reside in Canada, the movie is also available in Disney+, and you can rent it from Cineplex, Apple iTunes, the Microsoft Store, and Amazon Direct Video.

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  1. Ms. Roberts made several racial remarks about South Carolina. The pool where her character learns to swim was at Converse College an all female college until recently when it became co-ed. While the students at the time supported her character in the movie we did not appreciate her remarks about racism. Converse at the time had a variety of races as students; from Japanese, to African American, to Latin American, etc. At that time and currently the school was and is diversified in culture and thought! While racism can be found everywhere in the world the Upstate of South Carolina did not deserve the remarks she made about us!

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