Where is Shameless Filmed? All About The Locations

Shameless scenes
Shameless Series

Shameless is an American Comedy Drama that happens to be one of the longest airing TV series by Showtime. It has been attracting an audience for almost a decade now. This eleven-season web series was developed by John Wells. It is admired by its audience as the series talks about the harsh reality of the world and countryside living people. The Web series has a total of 140 episodes. It has been airing between January 9, 2011, to April 11, 2021.

Shameless is considered as one of the longest airing web series with a duration of 10 years and 3 months. It is said that the final season was meant to be released in the middle of 2020 but was delayed due to the COVID pandemic. The reason for the same might be to avoid COVID outbreaks in the filming locations of Shameless.

The series comes under the Family drama, black comedy, and comedy-drama Genre. There is a British version of the same series named ‘Shameless’ itself airing on television. It is a family drama with each unique individual lifestyle that will never let you get bored of it. Each episode and season gets funnier and more chucklesome, and at the same time, the family drama is executed soulfully. So let’s explore more about The Shameless Web series. Most importantly, let’s look at the plot, cast, and filming locations of Shameless.

Shameless Filming Locations

The Shameless series is based on the location of Southside Of Chicago. The house in Shameless is a real residence in the Southside of Chicago based in Illinois. The neighboring house seen in the series is also two-lane down from the Shameless House. Unfortunately, you can’t find Gallagher’s family in there. There are real people who are living in their current residence. But, due to the huge fandom of Shameless, people are allowed to check out the house once in a while.

The main lead and the other characters in shameless filming

The owner of the Shameless House also allows tourists and fans to sit on the porch of her house. The owner allows people to take pictures and post on Instagram and Twitter. Many of the fans of the Shameless TV series posted pictures of the Gallagher house porch with hashtags and hilarious captions. If you ever want to visit the Shameless house of the Gallagher family, feel free to travel to Southside Chicago, Illinois.

The picture of house where shameless was filmed
The Real House in Shameless Filming

The current resident of the real Shameless house is in the Southside of Chicago, Illinois also has a signboard attached to the house that says that any donations are encouraged and also received lots of small contributions from fans because of her hospitality. She encourages all the fans to visit the house at least once.

Note that not the entire series is filmed in a real house and real neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Most of the interior scenes are filmed in the studio of Warner Bros studios. Only the exterior scenes are filmed in the real neighborhood in the Southside of Chicago in a real house.


The series is a family drama of the Gallagher family. William H.macy played the role of Frank Gallagher. Frank Gallagher plays one of the main roles of the series. Frank is a drunkard who can do anything just to have the taste of liquor. Frank’s wife passed away due to bipolar disease. Frank is left alone, raising six children.

The first child Fiona Gallagher is beautifully played by Emmy Rossum. Emmy Rossum’s character is a responsible character in the whole series. Being the first child of the family, it makes sense that she has to take all the responsibilities of the family. The other characters are Carl Gallagher, played by Ethan Cutkosky, Lip Gallagher by Jeremy Allen White, Debbie Gallagher by Emma Kenny, Ian Gallagher by Cameron Monaghan, and last but not the least, Liam Gallagher played by Christian Isaiah.

Cast of Shameless

Shameless has been captivating fans’ interest in the series for almost a decade now. But with the finale season, “Hall of Shame,” the journey of this tremendous web series comes to an end. The humorous way but with the harsh reality of Southside living people attracted the audience.

The Cast

Not only have the fans had a special relationship with the series. The co-stars of the series are also good friends off the screen. Though the series come to an end with its final and finale season. We may not see the series with a new season again. All the co-stars of Emmy Rossum are missing her presence in last season. As Fiona Gallagher decided to move to another city to start a new life for herself this time with a new beginning. But in reality, Emmy Rossum decided to come out of the series. If we are fortunate, we will surely see Fiona in the upcoming season of Shameless if it’s ever released.

Picture of Shameless series Cast
Shameless Web series Cast

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