Where is ‘Save My Skin’ Filmed? Production of Dr. Emma’s Dermatology Show

Where is Save My Skin filmed?

The typical office look of the show arises curiosity about where Save my Skin is filmed. People in the present day world emphasize a lot on looks and thus on the skin and body. But it has become difficult now due to various diseases coming because of the pollution, food hybridization, contamination of water, and many such growing issues. Although the medical field is one of the most important necessities of the globe, it is tough to treat each and every problem. One of many doctors really helps us with our issue. The first impression is the last impression, and that impression comes from our looks and personality. However, it’s not correct to judge anybody through these criteria.

Skin problems, if not treated on time, can even increase the disease and affect the other internal organs of our body. This show, Save my skin, is all about how a world-famous dermatologist, Dr. Emma Craythrone, helps her patients with the help of her team with the skin problems they have. Dr. Emma has chosen a brilliant place for her show, and the whole show has just one location. Many TV reality shows actually feature fake and exaggerated scenarios for their popularity, but it’s not true for Save my skin. The show is as real as the reality. We have covered everything about the show here.

Where is ‘Save My Skin’ filmed?

‘Save My Skin’ revolves around the medical non-fiction genre. The location is chosen where the doctor is most accessible to her patients. The show, Save the Skin was entirely filmed at the private practice clinic of Dr. Emma Craythrone in London. The private place of Dr. Emma is located at 152 Harley Street in Marylebone in London. London has an important influence globally on education, entertainment, fashion, research, and development, etc., and is one of the most popular movie production centers in the world, housing many prominent studios.

The location is strange as most of the TLC shows’ shooting places are primarily in the US and are also the shooting place of many other blockbuster movies, series, and shows. Movies like The Conjuring 2 and The Thirty-nine steps, and even Sherlock Holmes Baker Street have their filming locations in Marylebone. It is located in the west end of London. And it is also known for housing the BBC headquarters and the Madame Tussaud’s Wax museum.

Where is save my skin filmed?

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‘Save My Skin’ Plot

Save my Skin is the reality television show where dermatologist Dr. Emma Craythorne shares her day-to-day experiences. She attends, diagnoses, and treats patients from all around the United Kingdom who are suffering from extreme skin conditions like eczema, rhinophyma, disfiguring keloids, and massive lipomas, including other such skin problems. In the show, she shows the methods of her treatment step by step. As per the TLC, all the medical cases shown on the show are as real as they can be. An excellent team helps and supports her in her cases.

Dr. Emma Craythorne

Dr. Emma Craythorne is a dermatologist who is an expert on skin ailments. She has attained her studies of medicine in Scotland and then became a member of the Royal College of Physicians. She is the lead specialist skincare multi-disciplinary team at St John’s Institute of Dermatology. Her achievements include Trustee at cosmetic Practice Standards Authority, Treasurer at St John’s Dermatological Society, and the presidency of British Cosmetic Dermatology group. She has also written a book on dermatological issues and is one of the best doctors in her field. She also hosted a show previously known as Bad Skin Clinic on Quest Red in the UK.

Dr. Emma

Factual information about Save my Skin

‘Save My Skin’ was first released on 20th February 2020, and Full-Fat TV is the producing company of this US TV series. It has three seasons as of now with superb ratings. In the Save My Skin show, Dr. Emma Craythorne works with a well-experienced medical group supporting her. They include Ciaran Healy, a self-plastic surgeon; Mottie, a self-clinical nurse specialist; Barbara Jemec, a self-plastic surgeon. All the members have unique skills in their respective specializations.

Save My Skin Title Card

The other people in the casting of the show include Rosie, Gloria, Richard Young, Monica, Beverly Gambles, Joannis Goutos, Daniel Jacob, and Zviko. Brian Leff is the producer of the show, and Jill Doctor serves as the series production manager of Save my skin. Also, the show is available on The Learning Channel (TLC), and it focuses on Dr. Emma’s consultancy.

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