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Where is Rooster Cogburn Filmed? All About The Filming Locations

Where was ‘Rooster Cogburn’ Filmed? Rooster Cogburn is a 1975 American Western film directed by Stuart Millar. John Wayne was acting as U.S. Marshal Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn. Written by Martha Hyer, the film is about an old one-eyed man whose badge was suspended for a series of shootings and unwanted arrests. He has to put down bank robbers who have hijacked a shipment of Nitroglycerine to get back his badge. Rooster Cogburn is a sequel of True Grit (1969). Moreover, John Wayne won an Oscar for this movie. This movie is about the gang of outlaws stealing the Nitroglycerine for their bank robberies, but Cogburn will get it back through his tricks.

The village was outrun by a gang, and they killed many people, including Rev. George Goodnight and a number of the local Indians. The preacher’s daughter, Miss Eula Goodnight, and her student Wolf become Cogburn’s partners unwillingly. While crossing the woods, they come across several bandits and get involved in huge chaos with them. Cogburn is about to be shot by one of the bandits. But, Eula being the sharpshooter, shoots him before he can. Moreover, They find the wagon, and Cogburn threatens them. He warns them that he will destroy the wagon and all the supplies in it if they don’t agree to leave.

Where was Rooster Cogburn filmed?

John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn

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More About The Movie

Cogburn comes upon the restricted village and finds Miss Eula and Wolf at the funeral of their fathers. So Cogburn offers her help, he tells them to pack their stuff and head along with him to a safer place, but Eula rejects. Soon, she gives up as she has to obey him. Eula even warns him about his bullying talks. But Cogburn thinks he’s best working off alone. They head out together through the sturdy rivers in the mountains.

Once they’ve got the Nitroglycerine, the bandits try to attack their raft, but Cogburn uses his tactics to fight them off. As they move on with their raft, the bandits even attempt to seize them through an underwater rope, and this traps their raft. Amidst all this, while Cogburn is trying to move the raft, one of the bandits shows up to shoot him. But he’s stopped soon by Breed. He helps him to keep up with Cogburn helping and saving his life in the past.

As Breed returns to the camp, he tells Hawk that his partner died with Cogburn. But Hawk happens to check his gun, and he notices that he has used only one bullet. That’s how he’s able to find out that Breed’s lying. So he kicks him into a gorge and kills him. The next morning, Cogburn, Eula, and Wolf reach safely, but their raft is destroyed. From a distance, they hear the bandits approaching them. So they put up all the explosives in front of their raft and pretended to give up. That’s when he noticed Hawk. While Eula and Wolf deceive the bandits through their surrendering actions. Cogburn shoots the explosives and blows up Hawk and his apprentices. Cogburn gets back his job, and everything turns back to normal.

Where is ‘Rooster Cogburn’ Filmed?

Rooster Cogburn is filmed in Oregon in autumn 1974, in Deschutes County west of Bend. The mountain shots were filmed in the Deschutes River for the heavy whitewater scenes, and other river scenes were shot in Josephine and Curry in Oregon. Smith Rock State Park was used as a part of the movie. This was built as a set for the movie in the first place. All the rock climbing scenes were shot on this set. This is the only film in the two blockbuster actors have appeared together. Originally the movie was promoted as ‘Rooster Cogburn and the lady’. But, it was released as Rooster Cogburn.

Martha Hyer presented the screenplay beautifully. She’s an actress and the wife of producer Hal B. Wallis. Even though the first movie, ‘True Grit’, was financed by Paramount pictures. Wallis still gave his word to Universal pictures for Rooster Cogburn. Fans loved the rude and gritty nature of Cogburn and Strong-willed and confident Eula too. But, the critical response to this movie was disappointing. The story was called out for a lot of fillers and plot holes. But still, the movie garnered $17.6 million worldwide.

Where was rooster cogburn filmed

Katherine Hepburn as Miss Eula Goodnight.

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