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Where Is Road House Filmed? Filming Locations Revealed!

Where was Road House filmed?
Road House.

Road House was released in 1989. Soon after its release, it became popular as more and more people went to watch the action film directed by Rowdy Herrington. The film, however, received negative responses from critics but became a cult favorite. The movie is listed in Golden Raspberry Award founder John Wilson’s book, ‘The Official Razzie Movie Guide,’ as one of the 100 Most Enjoyable Bad Movies Ever Made. Road House is known for its action and drama, and even though it is not a very good movie, it is really fun to watch. It is a typical “guilty pleasure’ movie favorite. Many people have been curious about where is Road House filmed? Hence, we have found all the locations in this article.

The film stars Patrick Swayze as a cooler at a newly refurbished roadside bar who protects a small town in Missouri from a corrupt businessman. Other members of the cast are Sam Elliott, Kelly Lynch, and Ben Gazzara. They play Swayze’s character’s mentor, friend, foil, and a bouncer, his love interest and the main antagonist, respectively.

Road House filming location.

Dalton and Wade.

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Road House’s storyline revolves around James Dalton, played by Patrick Swayze, a professional cooler who takes a job at a local bar in Jasper, Missouri. When he arrives in town, he takes up lodging on a friendly elderly man’s farm. Dalton soon meets Brad Wesley, played by Ben Gazzara, a local businessman who holds a lot of power over the town. After Dalton is injured during an altercation with one of Wesley’s henchmen, he meets Dr. Elizabeth “Doc” Clay, played by Kelly Lynch, and the two begin a romantic relationship shortly after. Later, Wesley invites Dalton, seemingly to make peace, but then tells him that he knows that Dalton once killed a man in Memphis, Tennessee. He uses this information to blackmail Dalton into working for him, which he rejects.

Wesley, now angry for having his offer rejected, proceeds to do everything he can to make Dalton’s life hell. After which, Wade Garrett, played by Sam Elliot, comes to town to help him. Shortly after Wade’s arrival, Wesley sends one of his goons to a car dealership with a monster truck in front of citizens after the owner of the dealership refuses to meet his demands. That night Doc goes to meet Dalton and urges him to leave for his own safety. Their conversation, however, is cut short when Emmett’s house is set on fire by one of Wesley’s thugs. Dalton saves Emmett from the fire and chases after the goon, who then pulls a gun on him, after which he kills the thug by ripping out his throat. Doc is now horrified by the violence displayed by Dalton and leaves in disgust.

Where was Road House filmed?

Road House.

The next day Dalton receives a phone call from Wesley, who tells him that he is going to kill either Wade or Doc and hangs up without confirming who. After Wade walks into the bar, he assumes it is Doc that is in danger and goes to her to protect her. However, when Doc refuses to go anywhere with Dalton, he comes back to the bar and finds Wade’s dead body sprawled out on the countertop with a knife in his chest.

Enraged by this, he pulls the knife out of his friend’s chest and goes to Wesley’s house to settle things once and for all. When he reaches there, he creates a distraction, enters the house and kills his way through the henchmen, and eventually comes face to face with Wesley himself. They fight, and Dalton beats him but chooses to spare his life when Wesley pulls a gun on him and is about to shoot. However, he is shot and killed instead by some of Dalton’s friends. Later on, Dalton is forgiven by Doc, and all ends well.

Where is Road House filmed?

Road House began filming in April 1988. Although the movie is set in Jasper, Missouri, it was filmed in Southern California, mainly in Newhall, Valencia, and Canyon Country. Anaheim, Santa Clarita, Valencia, and Sanger were used as locales for both New York and Missouri. Anaheim’s Cowboy Bar doubles as the New Double Deuce bar. Reedley, California, was used for filming the opening and monster truck scenes. The Harris Ranch in Reedley was used for the farm scenes. The monster truck Bigfoot 7 was used, and the scene cost 500,000 dollars to film. The Kings River runs between the two residences. The facades for The Double Deuce and Red’s Auto Parts were shot in parking lots in Santa Clarita.

The Anaheim Bar used as The Double Deuce, went through many name changes, including The Bandstand and a hip hop club called The Boogie when it was finally closed in 2006, after which it was demolished in 2015. This was because the bar had become problematic for its owners. In the last six years, when it was open, over 2,534 calls had been made to the police for charges which included underage drinking and shootings, after which the club’s liquor license was revoked.

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