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Where Is Police Academy Filmed? All The Filming Locations

Where Was Police Academy Filmed?
Police Academy (1984)

The popular American comedy titled “Police Academy” has always intrigued the viewers to ask Where Was “Police Academy” Filmed? Therefore, we are going to discuss exactly that and give the answer to the main question. The comedy film first hit the theatres on 23rd March 1984 and instantly became a blockbuster in the United States. In addition to that, the movie also made a huge earning on the global box office outside America. As a result of that, the movie grossed a whopping $149 million worldwide. This was almost $145 million over and above the filming and production budget of just $4.5 million. This is the reason why “Police Academy” is still the highest-grossing movie in the Police Academy film franchise. Even after releasing way back in 1984, the movie has been a favorite among the fans who watched it then.

Moreover, many new viewers who get to watch this movie for the first time now are often wondering how good this movie was even for its time. The film has had some pretty amazing scenes, which have often added to the curiosity of the viewers about the filming locations. The well-known American movie director Hugh Wilson had directed this movie and made this into a masterpiece for the decades to come. What was more interesting was that this movie was his first to debut as a director in the film industry and made an everlasting impact with it. However, Wilson also contributed to the screenplay of the movie along with Neal Israel and Pat Proft. Moreover, Neal and Pat were the ones who wrote the story of the film. The movie was backed by the popular and one of the biggest film production companies Warner Bros. Pictures. 

Where Was Police Academy Filmed?

A still from “Police Academy”

Police Academy: Who Were The Cast Members?

The American cult classic has been very popular among the fans of the Police Academy franchise. Therefore, the movie has a better audience rating as compared to that of an average critic rating on rotten tomatoes. The movie has a score of over sixty percent on the site and is certified fresh. The movie has a good rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDB as well. Although the critics were divided on their views towards the movie, the audience had a really good time watching it. They also loved the characters that were portrayed by different cast members of the film. So let us have a look at the cast of “Police Academy” and their respective characters.

Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, Bubba Smith, Donovan Scott, Michael Winslow, Andrew Rubin, and David Graf. They have portrayed the characters named Cadet Carey Mahoney, Cadet Karen Thompson, Cadet Moses Hightower, Cadet Leslie Barbara, Cadet Larvell Jones, Cadet George Martin, and Cadet Eugene Tackleberry, respectively. Although, these were not the only cast members in the film. However, the mentioned ones were the highlight for most parts of the movie. 

Where Was Police Academy Filmed?

Police Academy

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Where Was Police Academy Filmed? All The Filming Locations From The Movie

The audience enjoyed watching Police Academy and had good views of the film. However, the viewers have often popped the question – Where Was Police Academy filmed? Well, the simple answer to that will be simply saying that it had various filming locations. But we are here to dive in a little deeper to discuss the popular scenes from the movie and their respective shooting locations. 

To begin with, the Academy in the film was shot at the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital in the town of New Toronto in Ontario, Canada. The hospital has now been transformed into the Lakeshore campus of the Humber College in the same town. Then we have the opening scenes of the movie that were filmed in the city of Toronto as well. Cherry Street Bridge is in Toronto as well that was picked up for the filming location of the camera booth scene. The riots in “Police Academy” were shot at Kensington Market, which is also in Toronto. To sum it all up, the rest of the city scenes were also filmed in the same city. 

Where Was Police Academy Filmed?

A still from “Police Academy 1984”

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Where To Watch Police Academy?

Police Academy has gained more and more popularity as the new movies in the franchise arrived later on. The viewers were curious to know about the first film that started the franchise and made it a huge hit. Therefore, the franchise has had several DVD releases over the years. However, the audience has shifted to streaming platforms with time. That is why the viewers would love to stream the film on various streaming services.

The film is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video for the members having a premium membership. In addition to that, “Police Academy” is also available to stream on Netflix in some parts of the world. Moreover, the viewers can also buy or rent the film on the official site of Warner Bros. through Google Play, VUDU, Apple TV, and Prime Video. 

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