Where Is Peacemaker Filmed & What Happened in Episode 4?

where was peacemaker filmed
Peacemaker (2022)

DC’s Peacemaker has gained quite some popularity recently, with four episodes already out, fans are getting more and more engaged in the story as the plot keeps on developing. However, as with any superhero series and movie, one wonders if it was shot in a studio or was there some other locations involved as well. Well, in this article, you will find out where was Peacemaker filmed and also get to know more about the series. A lot of speculations are going on, and we have a few theories that might interest you.

As mentioned before, there are only four episodes out yet, and there are supposed to be eight episodes in total. So you can figure out that the show is half done yet. Usually, this is where we get the climax, and more things start to unfold. It is interesting to finally get a series on DC’s Extended Universe. Jame Gunn has done an incredible job being the director of the series, there are also a few episodes directed by others. The last episode was directed by Jody Hill, which was quite good too. The following episodes will also see other new people as directors, hence you can now judge who is the best director for the show.

Where was Peacemaker Filmed?

Now coming to the most important question. Where was Peacemaker filmed? Well, it is none other than Vancouver, Canada. This was quite an interesting choice by James Gunn. Though the location had gone along extremely well with the cinematic, every location is just flawless. However, fans were quite interested as to why Gunn had chosen Vancouver specifically. Well, you might be expecting that there must be some sort of relevancy or easter egg hidden in the location. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As Gunn had revealed recently, he choose this location specifically because we wanted to shoot near the Pacific Northwest. Another reason was that Vancouver had far less rise in Covid patients, and it was comparatively safer for the team to shoot here.

where was peacemaker filmed
A shop in Surrey.

There were plenty of places where the series was shot. As of now, we know a few of the locations. One of them is South Surrey’s Pacific Inn Resort which is now open only for shooting, you might recognize it from Riverdale Season 4. One of the pubs was The Henry in Surrey. Another interesting location is the headquarters. The Henenlotter Video shop is also a similar place that you might have seen in another series. This shop in Surrey was also used in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It was quite interesting to find out so many common locations with other series. A lot of reports were also made that a few shots were filmed in the Surrey Schools even. Even the upcoming episodes will be near Surrey and Vancouver.

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Peacemaker Episode 4 Ending Explained

Episode 4 blew everyone’s mind with the ending. As we thought that we were getting more backstory about Peacemaker, and with all the story developing, Episode 4 ended with a bang that we did not expect! If you have watched the show, you might have noticed that Smith had to kill the Goff family, as they were “butterflies”. They had something in them which could be useful or harmful for humanity. We will be getting to know more about it in the later episodes. However, what was more interesting is that we saw Smith having some flashbacks from his memory.

He will try to find out who is his brother’s killer, but before that, he must also deal with his father, “The White Dragon”. He is a villain and is everything that Smith is against. We also find out Vigilante instigating Smith against his father. He classifies him as racist and tries to accuse him of murder. This is going to build up more in the next episodes, as where we might see Peacemaker and The White Dragon in an epic fight.

Now about the twist that we were talking about. In the end, we find that Mury is behaving in the same way that the Goffs did. He is drinking the amber juice through his tunnel-like tongue. This brings a twist in the story, in the sense that Mury had hired the whole group and wanted to kill off the “Butterfly”. It will be quite interesting to see where the story goes in the next episodes.

You can watch the series here

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