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Where is Open Range Filmed? About The Movie’s Production

Where was the movie Open Range filmed? Open Range is one of the popular movies of starting 20s. It is a movie from 2000. Open Range is a western drama film. People are so crazy about Open Range. The movie is loved by everyone. People from every corner of the world have also praised the movie. Each scene of the movie has beautifully expressed. All the scenes are so natural and iconic. Open Range’ fans are curious to know the shooting place of the movie. They wanted to know where the movie was shot? So, in this article, we will discuss where was the movie Open Range filmed? We will also discuss the cast and crew of the movie. And we will also highlight some interesting points from the location of the movie.

Open Range is the most popular movie since 2000. It was released on 11th August 2003. Kevin Costner has directed the movie. He has done an incredible job. Kevin Costner is 66 years old American actor and filmmaker. He is an amazing actor. The movie was a super hit. It has earned $68.3 million. Yes, Open Range’s box office collection was Sixty-Eight point three million US dollars. This movie is adapted from The open range men, a novel. Michael Kamen has given music in this movie. Many great and legendary actors have worked in this series. Later, in this article, we will also discuss the cast of Open Range.

Where was Open Range filmed?

The most asked question was where was Open Range filmed. This question has now become a global question. People from everywhere wanted to know where the movie was shot? The movie Open Range was filmed in Canada. Yes, the movie was fully shot in the country of Canada. It was filmed in CinemaScope. The movie was mainly shot in Alberta in Canada. Its location was at the Stoney Indian Reservation and other locations. The movie also features some beautiful landscapes and scenery. People have thought that the movie has shot in Montana. But the movie was beautifully and entirely shot in Canada.

It is not yet confirmed that the movie is based on a true story. The movie is inspired by a famous novel, The Open Range Men. The Open Range Men is a romantic novel written by Lauran Paine. The novel was released in 1990. At the end of the Open Range, it was known as the Great Die Up. The final blow was the winter of 1886-87. It was a really harsh winter because the temperature was dropping to -55 degrees. Deep snow has prevented the cattle from reaching the grass and around 15% of open range herds died. The movie is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. And the movie is also streaming on Hulu. You can watch the movie anywhere. Open Range’s budget was $22 million.


Open Range Cast

Let us talk about the cast of Open Range. First is Kevin Costner. Kevin Costner has portrayed the character of Charley Waite. Kevin is 66 years old award-winning American actor. He has also received many awards. Next is Robert Duvall. Robert Duvall has portrayed the role of Boss Spearman. Robert Duvall is 90 years old American legend. He has also received many popular awards like BAFTA, Academy Awards, Golden Globe Award, etc. Then we also have Sue Barlow. Annette Bening has played the character of Sue Barlow. Annette Carol Bening is 63 years old American actor. She is an immensely talented actress. Next is Michael Gambon. Michael Gambon has portrayed the character of Denton Baxter.

Then we also have Button, Mose Harris, Percy, Sheriff Poole, and Butler. Diego Luna has portrayed the character of Button. Abraham Benrubi has played the role of Mose Harris. Michael Jeter has played the character of Percy. James Russo has portrayed the character of Sheriff Poole. Kim Coates has played the role of Butler. Then we also have Dean McDermott as Doc Barlow. Next is Julian Richings. Julie Richings has played the role of Wylie. Cliff Saunders has portrayed the character of Ralph.


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