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Where is ‘One Summer’ Filmed? Everything About The Filming Locations

One Summer filming locations.
One Summer

Nowadays, everyone is stick to one topic. Yes, I’m talking about the film One Summer. People from all over the world have made this a huge discussion. Everywhere people are discussing the same topic, filming locations of One Summer. The worldwide audience wanted to know where this film had been shot. Where is One Summer filmed? So, no need to worry because Otakukart is here. We have all the solutions to your problems. In this article, we will discuss the filming locations of the film, One Summer. We will confirm where One Summer was shot. And at the end, we will highlight some interesting points about the film & its cast. So, before knowing One Summer’s filming location, let’s get to know something about the film.

One Summer is an upcoming film of 2021. The film is going to release at starting of the last quarter of 2021. Even before its release, the film has gained huge popularity. IMDb has given it a rating of 8.8 out of 10. But Google users have not given any ratings at all. They all are waiting for its release. So, the film was directed by Rich Newey. While Anne-Kathrin Dern is the music director of One Summer, M.G. Wojciechowski is the cinematographer of One Summer. And David Trevail is the editor of One Summer. On the other hand, its production companies are Cartel Pictures & The Cartel. And executive producers are Eric Scott Woods, Stan Spry & Bruce D. Johnson.

Where is ‘One Summer’ Filmed?

One Summer is filmed in the USA. But there are some specific places where the film was shot. The exact place where One Summer was filmed is New Hanover & Brunswick counties. New Hanover & Brunswick counties are in Southeastern North Carolina. Also, some parts of the film have been shot in Elijah’s restaurant. The night scene on a boat at the riverside was shot in the water pool, Legion Stadium Pool. The stadium is located in Wilmington. And it is a water pool. In contrast, the wedding scenes and some other scenes were shot on 41 Central Blvd. and 128 Northern, WECT. But the main part of One Summer was shot in Bald Head Island at the Old Baldy Lighthouse.

One Summer filming locations.

BTS of One Summer

One Summer Release Date

As you all know, One Summer is an upcoming film of 2021, so it will release in 2021. The release date of One Summer is the 3rd of October 2021 in the United States of America. Yes, One Sumer will make its first on-screen premiere in October month of 2021. The film has a great mixture of drama and romance. Even though, its genres are also romance and drama.

Talking about One Summer’s streaming details, we have a lot of platforms to watch this film. First of all, the movie will make its premiere on the 3rd of October at 9 pm on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime, One Summer is not available anywhere until its release.

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One Summer is a story based on a single father. Jack is a man whose wife died. And he was left with his two kids. Jack was broken by his wife’s death, and his kids were living in their wife’s hometown at grandparents’. So, Jack decided to take his kids & go somewhere. Finally, he took his child from his late wife’s home & went to his place. The reason behind Jack’s decision was that he wanted his kids to grow and heal because they were broken by their mother’s death. So, the whole story is based on this theme.


Young actors of America have worked in this film. Starting with the main character, Jack Armstrong. Sam Page has played Jack’s role. While Amanda Schull has played Lizzie Armstrong’s role, wife of Jack. On the other hand, Sarah Drew as Jenna Fontaine, Madeline Grace as Mikki Armstrong, Gavin Borders as Cory Armstrong, Bryant Prince as Liam Fontaine & Elizabeth Becka as Bonnie O’Toole.

One Summer filming locations.

The cast of One Summer.

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