Where is No One Gets Out Alive Filmed? The Haunted House Movie’s Plot & Production

No One Gets Out Alive Filming Locations
No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive is a haunted British film. This movie is released on 29 September 2021. It is premiering on Netflix. Santiago Menghini directed the movie. The screenplay done is by Jone Croker and Fernanda Coppel. Indeed, the story is given by Jone Croker. Will Tennant and Jonathan Cavendish produced ‘No One Gets Out Alive’. The movie runs for about 1 hour 27 minutes. The main lead in the movie is Ambar. Cristina Rodlo played Ambar. One must be familiar with this Mexican artist Christina. She is well-known for Too old to die Young and Miss Bala

The title ‘No One Gets Out Alive’ itself signifies so much about the movie. It specifies that it is about being trapped into something. The movie is about being trapped by all forms of evil, trapped in family responsibilities and whatnot! Though this movie is not real. It is not based on any of the true stories around The World. This Netflix movie is a novel written by Adam Nevill. No One Gets Out Alive is a movie with several paranormal aspects. The supernatural view of the movie made it impossible to be true.

No One Gets Out Alive Filming Locations
No One Gets Out Alive

Story Behind No One Gets Out Alive

As told, The story is about a Mexican immigrant Ambar. Ambar moves to Cleveland after the death of her mother. She found a boarding house maintained by Red. That man demands advance rent for the upcoming 3 months. She gives the cash from her reserves. Soon after she has moved, She starts observing strange things happen. Despite all the trials to move to another place, Ambar failed. She was forced to stay in the same haunted house. She eventually tries to know what was going wrong in the room.

After a few days, her housemates went missing and she was left all alone. She then gets to realize that all her housemates and a few other people were in the basement of Red’s house. All of them were injured and killed. Ambar doesn’t stop here and continues to find out what happened to them. She sooner unleashed that Red sacrificed them for his survival. The only positive thing about the movie is that the sacrifices were made by only one’s will and wish. Smartly, Ambar refused to sacrifice herself.

Turning Point in No One Gets Out Alive

Ambar turns the tables by starting to sacrifice others for her benefit. She tries to sacrifice Becker. In the process, she gets her wound healed instantaneously as she sacrifices Becker’s leg. Ambar being a human wanted to misuse this ‘super-human thing’. She continued sacrificing more and more people. The climax did not specify what is the end of Ambar’s story. But by one’s prediction, one can guess that Ambar is benefited.

No One Gets Out Alive
No One Gets Out Alive – Official Poster

No One Gets Out Alive Filming locations :

The paranormal novel based on the story is filmed in many locations. Places like The United States, Romania, United Kingdom are included in this. The filming took place in September and October of 2020. Part of the filming was shot in the Autumn of the year. The cast and crew were spotted roaming around the European streets in their free time. When the entertainment industry was shut down in March, filming prolonged the whole of 2020. So apparently the shooting in March was done in Cleveland and Ohio. Six months later, the crew flew to Romania in November for further shooting. Few scenes were also shot in England, London


No One Gets Out Alive filming locations took place in Dambovita River. Most of the shooting was done in a place called Bucharest. Bucharest is in Southern Romania. The city is familiar with performing arts. Also, there are many theatres in the city. This implies that Bucharest has a powerful impact on theaters. Not only this but It is also known for industrial and financial centers in the country.

Ohio: Cleveland

Most of the scenes were made in this place. The City is famous for its ‘Production centers’. It has served as a site for many movies and TV shows. So it is not astonishing to choose the place for filming No One Gets Out Alive. Cleveland is a hallmark for regional production. ‘The Escape Artist’, ‘The Deer Hunter’, ‘A Christmas Tree’ are a few films shot in this place.

No One Gets Out Alive Filming Locations
No One Gets Out Alive Filming Locations – Red’s house

No One Gets Out Alive is about a girl ‘Ambar’ who starts observing haunted scenes after moving to New house after her mother expired

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