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Where is Love on Safari filmed? All about the Locations

In today’s article, we shall talk about Where is the film Love on Safari filmed? It was released on 28 July 2018. The story of this wildlife, romantic film, Love on Safari, is directed by Leif Bristow. It’s a romantic film to watch, as the name says it all. Most of you have already watched the film Love on Safari. Those who have watched the film are very much interested in knowing the filming locations. Love on Safari has numerous wildlife sceneries as the film is all about that. The word ‘Safari’ says it all.

The pneumatic views and breathtaking locations have amazed a massive number of viewers and fans. Also, the movie received quite a good appreciation for the performances of the actors as well as for the shooting locations. We will talk about those locations later on in this article. But it can be said that if you have watched the film, you have more or less covered most of the wildlife places in Africa. Apart from the filming locations, you must be excited to know the cast as well. Right?

We shall discuss everything about the cast of the film Love on Safari. This article shall mainly focus on Where is Love on Safari filmed? Most of you are much interested in this film, right? So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get into this article to know further about Love on Safari.

Where is Love on Safari filmed? More about its filming locations

A major portion of Love on Safari was filmed in South Africa. Love on Safari is a romantic film which covers mainly wildlife locations. With the word Safari, you must have pretty much assumed the location where Love on Safari was shot. Well, when it comes to the filming locations, the movie itself has several wildlife sceneries which have amazed a large number of viewers. Especially it attracted on a very large scale to those who are animal lovers.

Where was Love on Safari filmed

A major portion of the film was shot in South Africa.

The major part of the film Love on Safari was shot in South Africa. The film covers numerous scenes of wildlife. Various scenes were shot at Brookers Reserve of Johannesburg, South Africa. Also, some scenes were shot in Belabela, South Africa, at an elephant sanctuary. There are some other places as well, like Hartbeespoort, Glen Africa Country Lodge, and the Leopard Lodge of Hartbeespoort. All these places are there in Africa. So, Love on Safari covers most of the places of South Africa.

Where was Love on Safari filmed

Love on Safari

Love on Safari: List of Cast members

As we have already mentioned, that the film Love on Safari gained much appreciation for the wildlife scenes and also for the amazing performances of the actors. Those who haven’t watched the film are way too much interested to know the cast. Following is the list of the actors who have played their roles in the film Love on Safari- Lacey Chabert, Jon Cor, Brittany Bristow, Abigail Kubeka, Jonathan Roxmouth, Francis Chouler, Patrick Lyster, Barbora Tellinger, Mark Richardson, John Indi, Sechaba Ramphele, Schelaine Bennett, Xabiso Ngqabe and Lucas Saige Ndlovu. These actors have played the roles of Kira Slater, Tom Anderson, Ally Botsman, Lwazi, Brad Wilson, Artie Warrington, Glen Woods, Evelyn Bagwell, John Bagwell, S’bu, Artie’s Assistant, Vicky Hernandez, Jason, and Chief, respectively.

Where was Love on Safari filmed

Lacey Chabert and Jon Cor as Kira and Tom respectively

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Love on Safari: The plot in brief

The main characters of the film are Kira Slater and Tom Anderson. On the death of Kira’s uncle, Kira inherits the wildlife reserve in South Africa. As we have mentioned earlier in this article that the entire film was shot in South Africa itself. After visiting the wildlife reserve, Kira learns many things about the place. In comparison, we will see Tom as the head rover. Kira’s life changes completely once she gets into the wildlife reserve and also as she meets Tom. The love story begins in Safari. That’s why the name Love on Safari is so relatable to the plot of the film.

Love on Safari: Where can we watch the wildlife romantic film?

Most of you have already watched the film as it’s been three years since the film got released. The film Love on Safari runs for 1hr 24min. Well, those who weren’t aware of the film or somehow have missed it are eager to know the platform where Love on Safari is available. If that’s the case, then there is nothing to worry about.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Love on Safari is exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video. You need to have a minimum (monthly) subscription to watch the film. I guess buying a subscription is worth it as the storyline is incredible. Also, it will take you to South Africa while sitting at home. Isn’t it interesting? I highly recommend you to watch Love on Safari.

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