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Where is Love It or List It Filmed? All To Know About The Show’s Production

Love It or List It
Love It or List It

Love It or List It is one of the most loved Canadian drama shows out there. As for the genre, it is a home design television series. It is airing on channels such as HGTV as well as W Network right now. It is the original show of the Love It or Lists It franchise. As for the show, it is produced under the banner of Big Coat Productions. It has also served in the form of a primetime program on W Network starting from 2008. Filming locations have changed throughout the drama, but a drastic one came when the cast and crew decided to change countries. To know more about these places, it is suggested to read until the end section because that is where we have covered the location details.

The majority of the show throws light on reality renovations as well as upgrading. It is one of the most satisfying shows out here if you ask me personally. Maria Armstrong has created the drama along with Catherine Fogarty for the network. There is no ‘one specific director for the show, and it has always kept changing from episode to episode. Now, for all the people who are not aware, every episode of the show is made in the same format. Love It or List It features a couple or generally a family showing their house as a canvas to work upon to designer Hilary Farr as well as real estate agent David Visentin. Hilary is the mastermind behind the renovation operation. She is the one who designs the parts of these homes or maybe even the entire homes based upon the requirements of her clients as well as their budgets. Every renovation idea and construction plan goes through her.

Love It or List It - Where Was It Filmed?

A still from Love It or List It

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Love It or List It – Premise and Format

Later, it is David’s task to find the real estate listings in a great locality and a budget that will suit the owners. He convinces them to list their current house and instead buy a new one. The camera follows the duo throughout the work process on the house. There are some of the common issues which are faced, Hilary. They include the inapt supply of funds and budget that will perfectly complete the entire request list from the owners of the home. These issues arise when some factors of the house do not support the modern tactics of renovation. These issues have to be fixed beforehand before anyone gets anywhere with the whole renovations.

Despite the fact that these are all some of the very important problems in a household, and without fixing these, renovations can go nowhere, she is met with immense resistance upon requesting even small increases in the original renovation budget. When the renovations are complete, and the owners walk through their own land, David strides in. It is his work to enlighten the owners about the current market value of their home and everything that they could achieve if they sell this house and buy a new one. They obviously have a full session discussing the pros as well as cons, and if it suits the owners, they even end up selling their homes to shift into better ones.

Where Was Love It or List It filmed?

Now, you guys need to be attentive while reading the locations because it obviously has changed throughout the episodes and seasons. The previous six years of the show were all filmed in Canada. Farr and their business are located in Toronto. As for Visentin, he lives with his family in Barrie in Ontario. It all made sense given the fact that the two main leads of the show lived in Canada. Although, after the sixth season, the entire filming location changed to the United States of America. They started listing and renovating homes in North Carolina.

Despite the fact that the whole show and its filming locations are restricted to North Carolina and Canada only, it is interesting to watch episodes where people from the other end of the globe want their houses changed or renewed. As for the franchise, if you wish to visit other places, then I suggest watching its sister shows such as Love It or List It Vancouver or UK or Australia.

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