Where Is Love In Paradise Filmed? Locations & Plot

Where was Love In Paradise filmed?
Love In Paradise.

Love In Paradise was released in 2016. It soon became a popular movie of the Hallmark Channel as more and more people tuned in to watch the romantic film directed by Sean McNamara. It has since become a go-to movie for anyone wanting to watch a good, wholesome, romantic movie. Love In Paradise is known for its romance and picturesque backdrop, which leaves the viewers bedazzled by its beauty. Which is why here we have answered the question: Where was Love In Paradise filmed? The movie is based on characters created by the late Luke Perry and written by Tippi Dobrofsky and Neal H. Dobrofsky.

The film stars the late Luke Perry and beautiful Emmanuelle Vaugier. It also has Tom Butler, Matt Frewer, Ona Grauer, Chad Willett, Elle Maija Tailfeathers, Joshua J. Ballard, Frances Flanagan, David C. Jones, Benjamin Charles Watson, and Michael Teigen in supporting roles. In the movie, Luke’s character does not like farm animals, including pigs, but in real life he had a pot-bellied pig as a pet.

Where was Love In Paradise filmed?
Avery and Heather.

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Love In Paradise’s storyline revolves around Avery Ford and Heather Twain, played by Luke Perry and Emmanuelle Vaugier, respectively. Heather and her father, Casey, played by Tom Butler, own and operate Paradise Ranch, which is a combination working and dude ranch outside of Big Sky, Montana. The dude ranch is just about to open for the season when they decide to hire actor Avery Ford for a promotional event. Casey, who was once a cowboy himself, is a fan of Avery, the star of the “Aim to Please” franchise of western movies. The father-daughter duo, however, does not tell Avery that the ranch has been losing more and more business each year, and if this promotional event does not work, they will probably lose the ranch, which has been in their family for generations.

Avery also has a secret of his own. He does not tell the father and daughter that he is the farthest thing from a cowboy that can be imagined. He is in New York City and is scared of farm animals. He also really needs this job, as well as the last movie in the “Aim to Please” franchise was released 3 years ago and has most likely ended due to lack of interest. They all come to know each other lies soon after the actor arrives on the farm.

However, the father and daughter are assured that he will make the event a success as he is an actor after all. At first, Avery and Heather dislike each other and are both annoyed when he has to stay at the ranch for a week longer than expected. But the longer he stays, the more he and Heather fall in love with each other, and he grows fonder for the simple life as well. Avery then has to make a choice between Heather and a chance to revive his acting career.

Where was Love In Paradise filmed?
Love In Paradise.

Where is Love In Paradise filmed?

The movie was not filmed in Montana, where it is set. As many movies and TV shows nowadays, it was filmed in Canada. To be more specific, it was filmed in the town of Agassiz near Vancouver. The town is located in the Eastern Fraser Valley of British Columbia in Canada. The place is known as the corn capital of British Columbia and the nearby spa resort, Harrison Hot Springs, is a tourist attraction with boat tours of the lake and a nine-hole golf course. Canada has become a hotspot for filming movies and TV shows because of its picturesque views. Some of the famous TV shows which are shot there are Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Virgin River, Hallmark’s own Chesapeake Shores, and more.

In the film, the license plates on the cars they use to begin with “00” and “01”, however, on Montana plates, the first digits equate to the county and are a one or two digits number that does not begin with a zero. This is a mistake on the production team’s part as the movie is set in Montana. It does not really make much of a difference, though.

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