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Where Is Joe Kidd Filmed? All About The Locations

joe kidd filming locations
Old Tucson Studios. Joe Kidd filming locations

As we all know, Joe Kidd is an American Western film in Panavision. The film stars Clint Eastwood, John Saxon, and Robert Duvall. Elmore Leonard wrote the script for the film. Joe Kidd is directed by John Sturges and produced by Sidney Beckerman along with Robert Daley. Ferris Webster was responsible for editing the film, and Bruce Surtees was responsible for cinematography. Lalo Schifrin composed the music in the series. I am sure you all are excited to know about the Joe Kidd location and where the film was shot. So now let’s have a look at the Joe Kidd filming locations.

The film is based on the life of Joe Kidd based in the early 1990’s New Mexican town of Sinaloa. Joe Kidd, a disaffected former bounty hunter, is sent behind the bar. Because of hunting the Indian land and destroying its peace. Mexican revolutionary Luis Chama has organized a present revolt against the local landowners. The landowners were throwing the poor farmers off their ancestral lands and raids the courthouse of the town. The posse is formed by the wealthy landowner Frank Harlan in order to capture the Chama. Kidd too is invited, but he refuses to join. So now let’s have a look at the Joe Kidd filming location.

joe kidd filming locations

Joe Kidd filming

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Joe Kidd’s filming locations.

The American western film Joe Kidd’s filming location is done at Arizona and California as per the sources.  Though the film is based in a Mexican city, the filming of the same is done in Arizona. The Saguaro cactus is shown from the U.S. During the Sinola County scenes, and the Saguaro Cactus can be spotted in the film. Arizona is the common film where most of the shooting of the film is done. Like other western films, the major part of the Joe Kidd was filmed in Old Tucson, Arizona. As per the sources, the filming people were allowed to watch the shooting of the film in the ’40s until the late ’70s.

The filming of The Last Round-Up, Broken Arrow, Winchester 73, The Last Outpost, Flaming Feather are the films of which the filming was done in Arizona. Part of Joe Kidd was also filmed in California. Some of the locations where the filming of the Joe Kidd was done include Inyo National Forest, Bishop California, Lone Pine,  and several others. Some other locations where the filming of Joe Kidd took place include Tucson, Klondyke, Prima, Arizona, and Universal City.

Upon its release in July 1972, Joe Kidd grossed around $5.8 million at the box office. The films got a set of mixed remarks from the critics. At present, the film crosses 80% on the different review and movie sites, including rotten Tomatoes. Most of the critics who reviewed the film said they liked the film in the start but also called it a pile of the rubbish while coming to the end. Some of them also called it diamonds in dung. The Malpaso Company production was liked by the viewers. The films running time is 88 minutes. As per the sources, the film is originally based on the legend of Jozza.

joe kidd filming locations

Joe Kidd Filming locations

The cast of Joe Kidd and more.

Talking about the cast, Clint Eastwood plays the role of Joe Kidd. Followed by Robert Duvall as Frank Harlan, John Saxon as Luis Chama, Joaquin Martinez as Manolo, Ron Soble as Ramon, Pepe Callahan as Naco, Clint Ritchie as Deputy Calvin, Stella Garcia as Helen Sanchez, James Wainwright as Olin Mingo, Paul Koslo as Roy Gannon, Gregory Walcott as Sinola County Sheriff Bob Mitchell, Dick, Don Stroud as Lamar Simms, Van Patten as Hotel Manager, Lynn Marta as Elma, John Carter as Judge, Pepe Hern as Priest. As I said earlier, the film was directed by John Leonard, and the script was written by Elmore Leonard.

In the film, Clint Eastwood played a ruthless gunman with very few words. The only thing that is straight in the film is that it’s much clear to make out on whose side the actor is and whose side he is not. He was hired by a wealthy landlord as a hired killer who was sent to jail later. As we said earlier, the opens with Clint in the jail.

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