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Where Is Jeremiah Johnson Filmed? All About The Locations

Jeremiah Johnson filming locations
Jeremiah Johnson filming locations

Sydney Pollack’s western film from 1972 starring Robert Redford Jeremiah Johnson filming locations. Firstly, if you are not familiar with this classic movie, it is a must-watch in your Western films list. It tells the story of the legendary mountain cowboy John Jeremiah Johnson, played by Redford. And Will Geer, who plays Chris Lapp “Bear Claw”. The film is loosely based upon a book adaptation from Robert Bunker called “Crow Killer” The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson.” And another novel called “Mountain Man” written by Vardis Fisher.

Jeremiah Johson is an ex-soldier who starts living in Colorado outdoors in total solitude. Armed with a .30 cal and his wits. Still, the winter becomes a little bit too much for him. It’s not long after Jeremiah stumbles upon a bear hunter named Chris Lapp. Who shares with Jeremiah survival tactics. After that, Jeremiah gets his act together. Later in the movie, the army calls upon him again to help a group of people in a troubled wagon trail. The movie features impressive outdoor scenes, and that’s one of the reasons people wonder about where it was filmed.

Jeremiah Johnson filming locations

Jeremiah Johnson filming locations

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Jeremiah Johnson Filming Locations

This movie’s main photography took place back in 1971 in the Utah wilderness and in Arizona’s beautiful landscapes. Firstly, the wide expanse of Utah, where the film was filmed, is attributed with the film’s captivating look. Almost 100 places are included in the film, including Robert Redford’s property in Sundance, the Alpine Loop in Provo, and the American Fork canyons. At the time, Redford owned approximately 600 acres of land in Utah, which aided in the filming of the film.

Jeremiah Johnson filming locations in Utah

Firstly, many sequences were filmed on the backside of Mount Timpanogos near Redford’s own property Sundance. He and director Sydney Pollack battled studio officials who were originally opposed to their plan for extended shooting. Moreover, several issues arose throughout the shooting of the movie, as was to be anticipated. Pollack said that the snows in St. George, Utah, were awful and that they had to rely on Cinemobiles for survival.

Secondly, due to the weather and a limited budget, the team had to settle for first takes. Other sequences were shot in natural areas of Utah, including Zion National Park, Ashley National Forest, Wasatch-Cache National Forest, and Uinta National Forest, which are located in the southwestern, northeastern, northern, and north-central portions of the state, respectively. Leeds and St. George are two more Utah cities. Snow Canyon State Park, situated at 1002 Snow Canyon Drive in St. George, is also mentioned.

Jeremiah Johnson filming locations in Arizona

Some parts of the film were partly shot in Arizona. Additionally, the production crew made excellent use of the state’s weather and topography, both of which are well-known. A few shots were shot in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, which spans over 280,000 acres. It straddles the Utah-Arizona state line. Other sites include Kayenta and Tsegi Canyon in Navajo County, Mexican Water in Apache County, and the Paiute Wilderness, which covers the northwest corner of Arizona.

Jeremiah Johnson ending explained

A US Army Cavalry unit asks Johnson to lead a rescue team to save a stranded wagon load of settlers. Johnson is hesitant to leave his family to assist but is forced to. Jeremiah leads the train past a holy Crow burial site against Lieutenant Mulvey’s warning not to. Johnson hurries back to the cottage, only to discover that his family has been murdered. If he can’t escape, Johnson goes after the warriors who murdered his family and fought them, killing all except one.

Johnson kills him, but the survivor spreads the story of the mountain man’s vengeance throughout the area, entangling Johnson with the Crow. Johnson beats the tribe’s finest warriors. The Crow respects him as his reputation develops. A new immigrant called Qualen and his family live in the cabin of Caleb’s mother, where he encounters Gue again. To honor Johnson’s courage, the Crow have left gifts and talismans there. Johnson and Lapp finally meet.

Jeremiah Johnson filming locations

Jeremiah Johnson filming locations

Lapp and Jeremiah’s final encounter

Lapp understands the toll battling a whole country alone on a wide and lonesome frontier has had on Johnson during this heartbreaking student-teacher encounter. “You wouldn’t chance to know what month it is?” Johnson asks Lapp. Lapp just says, “No way, no how. My apologies.” Johnson subsequently has a silent meeting with Paints-His-Shirt-Red, the alleged mastermind. Johnson lunges for his gun, but Paints-His-Shirt-Red extends his arm, open-palmed, in a gesture of peace, which Johnson slowly reciprocates. “And some people claim, ‘He’s up there still,'” the film concludes.

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