Where is Intrusion Movie Filmed? All The Known Locations

Intrusion filming locations
Intrusion - Official Poster

Intrusion is streaming on Netflix since September 22, 2021. Christopher Sparling narrated this psychological thriller film. Meanwhile, Adam Salky directed Intrusion. The movie runs for about 92 minutes. Frieda Pinto and Logan Marshall-Green played the main roles in the movie. This is a story of a husband and wife transferring to a small town. A wife was traumatized in the new home invasion because things were not the way they seem to be. Fried Pinto plays the role of wife as Meera Parsons whereas Logan plays the role of Henry Parsons. Creator Media Entertainment, Sea Smoke Entertainment, EMJAG Production are the Production companies for Intrusion.

The movie is all about the suspense Henry has been keeping. Many suspicious incidents keep on happening in the house. Meera gets traumatized by getting exposed to all these unusual scenes. Meera gradually tries to unveil the reason why things were happening in the house. The movie gets more and more suspicious as it runs. Let’s explore the story and the filming locations of Intrusion.

Intrusion filming Cast n crew
Intrusion – The Leading Casts

What is Intrusion About? Story Explained

Intrusion is a movie filled with sex, fraud, and death. As the movie begins, suspicious events start happening. Many fraudulent individuals break into the house. Meera tries to find out what is happening in the house. She conveys everything to Henry. Henry never believed her. She tried to convince him with many witnesses. Henry still fails to listen to her. One day she started to suspect her husband, Henry. She found out many unusual incidents happening in the home were only due to Henry.

The story goes back to the time when the house was under construction. At that time, Henry has been misbehaving with one of his employee’s daughters. However, he shut his employee’s mouth with the power he had. The employee with rage come back when the family moved into the new house. He threatens Meera by breaking objects at home, planning attacks, etc. While Meera was searching for the cause, she caught Henry red-handed at the moment when she followed him. Yet, Henry went unnoticed and was told he had just taken a wrong turn. Meera was not satisfied with his words. The wife continues to collect all the proofs.


After a long search and a bunch of witnesses, she found a secret switch. That switch opens into a room she never knew about. She found a girl wrapped into a chair, injured. Meera gets to her knowledge that the girl Christian has been misbehaved by Henry.

Intrusion filming
Meera – Female lead in Intrusion

She tries to release her from the house. Henry enters the room and tries to tie Christian back. Meera gives a twist to the story by banging Henry’s head. Henry asks to take care of Christian. Meera agrees with him and moves out of the empty house and drives away.

Filming locations of Intrusion:

The intrusion was mainly filmed in Mexico, USA. Albuquerque is the place where major scenes of the film were shot. Undoubtedly, the house of Meera and Henry is the main attraction. It was filmed in Sandia Resort. Corrales is the place where the Casino in the movie is filmed. The movie has given a chance for the peeps to discover the Mountains and Deserts of New Mexico.

Intrusion filming locations
Intrusion Filming Locations

Intrusion filming took place amid COVID-19. The cast and crew recorded Intrusion with all the safety measures. Albuquerque is not only the site for Intrusion movie filming. New Mexico is a place for the production of 1000’s films. Some of the biggest productions to have filmed in and around Albuquerque are Stranger Things, Newly released Copshop, Sicario, Breaking Bad, its spin-off Better Caul Saul, No Country for Old Men, etc.

More about Albuquerque:

Albuquerque means “white oak;” it is said to be from the Latin word Albus meaning “white”. Albuquerque, New Mexico, is known for its geography, including watermelon-colored mountains and an exotic river. It is also known as a cultural hallmark of the American Southwest, with its unique architecture and number of museums. The cost of living in Albuquerque is five percent less than the national average, providing residents with the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful life. The median home price in the area is around $185,400, and the monthly rent is 816 dollars, which is nearly 14% lower than the normal prices.

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