Where is ‘I Care A Lot’ Filmed? Filming and Shooting Locations & Plot

I Care A Lot Ending Explained
I Care A Lot

Rosamund Pike never failed to amaze us with her exceptional acting skills. No matter what role she represents, she knows exactly how to nail it. Speaking of which, Rosamund’s portrayal of Amy was incredibly remarkable. Just like the complexity of Amy Dunne, she had to do it all over again to represent the character of Marla Grayson in ‘I Care A Lot.’ This Netflix movie rose to prominence with its distinctive storyline. But apart from these, the filming locations of I Care A Lot have garnered much more emphasis than the movie. They’ve mixed in plenty of splendid places in the movie.

Well, speaking of the locations, every scene had its effect. As the story moved on, the creators used multiple places to put in more impact. To be more precise, the filming locations used for I Care A Lot were really popular places. Even though the movie began filming in early 2021, the creators started its shooting in 2019. The promotions of this movie generated a lot of interest around it, and soon it turned out to become one of the popular movies on Netflix. This dark comedy and thriller film is a Jonathan Blakeson directorial. Moreover, he is also the writer of this film.

Where Is ‘I Care A Lot’ Filmed?

J Blakeson chose beautiful places for the shooting of this film. His main aim was to maintain the authenticity and the main concept of this story. In July 2019, the filming of ‘I Care A Lot’ began in Massachusetts, England. Since the characters were easily able to perform the given roles, the shooting ended within four months. Mostly, the movie was shot in Boston, and several other scenes were shot in Buckinghamshire in England. These filming locations for I Care A Lot was chosen to maintain the sophisticated parts of the movie,  they’ve filmed several scenes in St Paul’s Episcopal Church as well.

Marla Grayson is a con artist
Eiza Gonzalez (left) and Rosamund Pike (right)

Just like this movie, many other popular movies were shot in the same place. Since Boston and Buckinghamshire had one of the largest studios in the world. Moreover, these countries are one of the most important economies in the world. And this was the main reason J Blakeson chose these places for the shoot. Apart from this, he directed his main focus in  England. To shoot all the shots related to her company. Blakeson focused on the places around Washington Street. Moreover, the actors even shared their shooting sites through their social media handles. When it comes to shooting in Massachusetts, it included different towns like Natick County, Watertown, and Medfield.

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‘I Care A Lot’ Plot Summary

Speaking of the introduction, Marla Grayson is a very hard-working person, and she always wanted to work with all her efforts. But as time went on, she understood the differences. So Marla chose to work as a con artist, as she believes that rich people won’t let others rise in society. Marla wants to increase her standard of living, just like all the rich people present in her day-to-day life. So after planning out certain things, she came up with a plan to earn her income from elderly people.

Jennifer Peterson gets diagnosed as a dementia patient
Dianne Wiest as Jennifer Peterson

She would randomly select people who are in desperate need of assistance. Marla would give her best to prove that the elderly ones cannot look after their needs. Soon, they’re admitted to a facility, and this broke off all sorts of communicating ways that they’ve got outside the facility. There were many people, who tried to come forward with her truth, but still, Marla always managed to come out of it. Because these individuals wanted to meet their parents, but because of Marla’s evil plan, nobody is allowed to do so. But things took a different turn after Marla came across Jennifer Peterson.

Jennifer is supposed to be a very wealthy lady. Marla is instantly interested and tries to con her too. To earn from her, she takes her case to court and provides enough fake evidence to prove that Jennifer is suffering from, Dementia. While digging into her personal possessions, Marla comes across many precious things like Gold bars and watches. Her luxurious life started to fall after she discovers that Jennifer’s son is a gangster. And now, Marla has to try her best to hide her evil deeds to be safe from Roman Lunyov.

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