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Where is Hell or High Water Filmed? All Locations Revealed

Hell or High Water Filming Locations
Hell or High Water Filming Locations

Where are the Hell or High Water filming locations? Today in Otakukart, we plan on answering that question. Firstly, if you’re not familiar with that movie. Hell or High Water is a film by David MacKenzie starring Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, Taylor Sheridon, and Ben Foster. Secondly, it is about two brothers who rob banks as a means to pay their mortgage. And they keep on going until the heat is on so hard on them that they can’t do it anymore. It has brilliant photography, and that’s one of the reasons people are asking where are the filming locations for this movie.

Okay, so it’s about a career criminal brother and his brother teaming up to execute a series of small-scale bank robberies throughout Texas, with the goal of eventually – after several generations – lifting the family out of apparently unending crushing poverty. Because the area where they live is disappearing, a career as a criminal is about the only option that does not entail working at a restaurant or herding the few surviving cattle.

Hell or High Water filming locations

Hell or High Water’s main photography takes place in East New Mexico in Clovis. And other towns like Tucumcari and Portales. While the movie’s story revolves around West Texas, David MacKenzie chose the vast areas of New Mexico’s landscape to portray this film. Additionally, some shots took place in counties like Guadalupe and Quay in New Mexico. Moreover, the beautiful Alamogordo Valley is also photographed in the film.

Hell or High Water Filming Locations

Hell or High Water Filming Locations

Hell or High Water Plot

Toby and Tanner Howard, brothers from West Texas, steal two Texas Midlands Bank offices. Despite the fact that the thefts are well-planned, Tanner’s wild temperament causes him to take needless risks, which frustrates Toby. Back at their family property, they use a shovel to bury their getaway vehicle. Their mother passed away after a lengthy illness, leaving their ranch in debt due to a reverse mortgage issued by Texas Midlands Bank, which would result in foreclosure if not paid. Meanwhile, on their property, oil has been found, and Toby is determined to provide a nice life for his estranged boys.

Marcus Hamilton and Alberto Parker of the Texas Rangers have been assigned to the case. Hamilton, who is nearing retirement, examines the thefts and swiftly identifies the tactics and characteristics of the brothers. Tanner is robbing another bank as Toby is unwittingly waiting at a nearby restaurant. They then transport the stolen money to an Oklahoma Indian casino to be laundered. Where Toby instructs the casino to change their gaming profits into a cheque payable to the Texas Midlands Bank. The brothers return to Texas with untraceable money and gaming as a cover for how they were obtained.

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The police close in

Hamilton and Parker search for another Texas Midlands Bank branch but come up empty-handed. Hamilton notices a pattern in the bank robberies and predicts the next target, after which he and Parker go to the location of the next heist. Due to time constraints, the brothers continue with the robbery despite the fact that the bank is packed. When a security guard and an armed citizen open fire on the brothers, Tanner kills both of them. Later, Toby is shot when they are attacked outside the bank by a group of armed locals.

The brothers flee town, pursued by the local posse. Tanner comes to a halt after gaining some space and shoots at the posse, causing them to flee. The brothers then split off; Toby takes the money in another car while Tanner devises a ruse. He lures the cops to a desert mountain crest, where he shoots at them with a gun, killing Parker in the process. Toby passes through a police roadblock without incident. And launders the stolen cash in the casino, where he witnesses his brother’s murder. He delivers the casino’s cheque to the bank just in time to save the ranch from being foreclosed on and transfers the property to a family trust.

Hell or High Water Filming Locations

Hell or High Water Filming Locations

Hell or High Water ending explained.

Following his retirement, Hamilton visits his old workplace and finds that Toby has been cleared as a suspect since his background is clean, and he has no motivation because his new oil wells make more in a month than the amount taken in all of the robberies combined. The money from the ranch’s oil wells is placed in the Texas Midlands Bank, which refuses to cooperate with the investigation for fear of losing control of the family’s trust fund.

Hamilton approaches Toby at the ranch, demanding to know the motive for the thefts. Toby says that he has determined not to let poverty impact his kids in the same way that it damaged him and Tanner. Hamilton informs Toby that he feels him responsible for Parker’s murder. But they are stopped when Toby’s ex-wife and children arrive as Hamilton walks away. Toby recommends they meet again soon to “complete the discussion” and “bring you some peace.” Hamilton responds that he would want to meet again and that he may “bring some peace” to Toby before departing.

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