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Where Is ‘Hearts Down Under’ Filmed? All About The Locations & Plot

Where Is Hearts Down Under Filmed?

Hearts Down Under is a popular Australian romance drama film by Hallmark channel. Over these years, Hallmark has become pretty popular for releasing several films which are mainly related to the romance genre. Moreover, fans of Hallmark movies are more interested in digging deeper into the filming locations. Well, ‘Hearts Down Under’ is filmed in beautiful scenic locations, and guess what? Fans are not getting enough from it. But to know more about the sites, you need to continue reading this blog! Apart from this, the viewers were head over heels for the cast members. That is primarily because of their acting skills.

It’s good to have actors who can easily blend in with romantic films in a second. Well, Hallmark uses different transitions to change the concept of the whole storyline. And it’s good to see this because you get to see the differences that a human being can go through. And that truly happens in real life too. Moreover, to make us even more interested, the creators will make sure that we delve into the picturization of the whole movie. To be more specific, ‘Hearts Down Under’ is filmed in different ways, and it is mainly to capture attention.

Plot Summary

Well, when it comes to the storyline of this movie, it is pretty simple. The story surrounds the life of Caroline, a passionate restaurant owner in New York. And guess what? She is pretty busy handling everything at once. But things began to take a different turn after she realized that her aunt had left her another cafe in Australia’s Lemon Myrtle Cove. Well, Caroline has to leave everything behind and take a look at this cafe. So she heads to Australia from New York. At first, everything at the cafe seems to be pretty good.


Tim Ross as Simon and Cindy Busby as Caroline

But soon, Caroline realizes that the cafe is suffering from a lack of good food, and now she has to fix this. While she is busy figuring out ways to fix it, she comes across a man named Simon, and guess what? He is the main chef of the cafe. Moreover, Caroline is fed up with everything since she’s got multiple things to handle back in New York. So she’s planning to sell the cafe after rebuilding it from square one. But things become even more difficult for her because she has to sell this cafe in this small town.

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Well, no one has a strong reach here, so now Caroline has to figure out ways to increase the scope of this cafe. But soon, things began to change around her. Even though Simon and Caroline didn’t get along well at first, gradually, they started falling for each other. Moreover, they’re working together to fix all the issues of this cafe. Little did she know that fate had different plans for her. With time Caroline has to make a huge decision to know where her heart resides between New York and Australia. Nevertheless, what will she do when she falls in love with Simon?

Where Is ‘Hearts Down Under’ Filmed?

When it comes to the filming locations of ‘Hearts Down Under,’ it is filmed in pretty impressive locations. To be more specific, the shooting sites were taken up to Queensland, Australia. Guess what? The movie is also known as ‘Romance On The Menu’. Even though the movie was released recently on April 24, 2021, the shooting began in early 2019. This was kind of surprising for many fans since filming would have been impossible in the year 2020, primarily because of all the pandemic restrictions.

The film is shot in Queensland Australia

Queensland, Australia

Moreover, Cindy Busby is the lead actress of this film, and through her interviews, she revealed her contentment to film in Australia. She was pretty happy to be a part of this shoot because it was her first time. Her character as Caroline played a very important role in shaping her acting skills. She had to hide her emotions and play the role of Caroline, who was hundreds of miles away from New York. Little did you know that Lemon Myrtle Cove never existed in the first place. The creators of this show took the shooting to Shorncliffe, Australia.

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