Where is Girl on the Train Filmed? Production of the Psychological Thriller

Poster of The Girl On The Train

The Girl on the Train is a combination of mystery, crime, and suspense. The book is one of the best-sellers written by Paul Hawkins. The Girl on the Train movie, which was released in 2016, was directed by Tate Taylor. The lead role of Rachel Watson is played by Emily Blunt. At the same time, the Girl on the Train was released recently in Hindi directed by Rishu Dasgupta. The lead role in this movie is played by Parineeti Chopra.

Not only the viewers of the Girl on the Train. But also, the readers of the book felt the same amount of suspense and thrill. The movie the Girl on the Train by Tate Taylor received a lot of positive critics and is one of the best thrillers to be watched. The filming location of The Girl In The Train is diversified in many areas of New York.

What is The Girl In The Train About?

We all must have traveled in a metro train, at least for a while in our lives. We might also encounter the same people and the same faces sometimes. Now, imagine getting involved in a murder mystery because of your daily journey routine. It’s just as unbelievable as it seems to be. Something like that happened in the famous novel by Paul Hawkins called “The girl on the train”.

The Girl on the Train Filming
The Girl on the Train Filming

The novel is filled with mystery, suspense, and crime, which made it to be one of the best sellers, and  There are few films based on this novel. One such film is the American mystery “The girl on the train” by Tate Taylor, released in 2016. The movie is a successful hit that the box office is 173 million worldwide. It also received four massive awards and nearly thirteen nominations. It is produced by companies like DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, Marc Platt Productions. This is not the end to talk about the movie. Let’s unleash more about the filming locations.

‘The tunnel’ in The Girl On The Train Filming location

The Girl In The Train – Plot Details:

There are actual places indeed. The central scene or the turning point of the movie has happened to be under a tunnel named ‘Station Road Tunnel located in Irvington. The story of “The girl on the train” is all about an alcoholic divorcee “Rachel Watson” played by “Emily Blunt”. Every day, Rachel used to take a train in New York for work. The Train passes through the route of her old house. The place where she used to live with her husband. The husband still lives there with his new wife and a child. A few houses down, there lived another couple – Megan and Scott, played by Haley Benney and Luke Evans.

Megan and Scott used to lead a happy relationship. By seeing them together, Rachel created her happiness for both of them. She created a wonderful life for both of them in her imagination. But, one day, Megan went missing, Rachel was found to be involved in her missing mystery. Rachel is completely unaware of what has happened. She was involved in the mystery somehow. Due to some accident in the past, she lost her memory. She’s been trying to remember what had happened by connecting all the fragments of her memory.

The accident happened the same day when Megan Hipwell went missing. It’s the exact spot where the Station road tunnel was located at Irvington.

Megan and Scott’s House

The Girl On The Train –Where are the Filming Locations?

All the locations featured in the movie were mostly filmed in New York and a part in Westchester County.

New York City:

Megan and Scott’s House was filmed in 18 Macy Avenue, New York. Anna and Tom’s House in 14 Macy Avenue, New York. Most of the street scenes were filmed in Dobbs Ferry, New York. The train station where Rachel used to catch the Train for work is the Ardsley on Hudson Train Station located in Irvington. The film crew built a walkway, especially for the film. Unfortunately, the walkway got destroyed when a garbage truck rammed into it. The construction was allowed by the government until the film came to an end. The station road tunnel also painted black color inside the tunnel, just to create a scary and darker look for the movie.

Girl on the train Filming Locations
Anna and Tom’s House


The police station where Rachel runs up through stairs is a library located in Irvington located in a Burnham building. The inside hall has been used as the police department hall for the film. Rachel runs down a hill towards the Ardsley on Hudson train station is a place called Ardsley Avenue West, Irvington. Most of all, the outdoor scenes are of real places located in Irvington.

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