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Where is Ginny & Georgia Filmed? All The Locations Explained

Bonding of Ginny and Georgia
Ginny and Georgia's Duo

The Netflix hit series Ginny & Georgia is a teen drama of a thirty-year-old mother and fifteen-year-old daughter. Yep, you read that right. The series is all about the bond of this duo. The mom character is played by Brianne Howey as Georgia Miller. If you are familiar with Batwoman, you would have recognized her. Now that Season 1 of the show is out, fans of the series are wondering about the filming locations of Ginny & Georgia. So, we shall be looking into that here.

Ginny Miller, a fifteen-year-old high school student, is quite different from her mom. Antonia Gentry played Ginny Miller in the series. Ginny Miller is not quite like a popular kid at her school. She’s also not fond of attention. But, all her friends admire Ginny Miller in her lifestyle and humor. Ginny & Georgia created by Sarah Lampet, was released on February 24, 2021. It was produced by Claire Welland.

Ginny & Georgia is a US-based TV series with one season for now. The show also achieved two award nominations. In the Ginny & Georgia series, we can see all the streets filled with American flags and American store names. In reality, it’s a fictional city called “Wellsbury” only for the show. The outdoor sets are not even based in the US. Everything in the series is either a setup or a changeover of the actual place.

Still from Ginny & Georgia.

Ginny & Georgia Filming Locations

Ginny & Georgia is filmed in Toronto, Canada. This place was made to look like the fictional location within the series known as Wellsbury. All the Canadian names and Canadian flags are replaced as American flags just for the show. The series starts from a gas station in the very first episode. Many outdoor sites are real places located in Toronto, Canada. Even the magnificent house they live in is also located in Toronto, Canada.

But, most of the indoor scenes are filmed in a studio called Tribro studios. Tribro studio is originally based in Toronto. The house of Ginny Miller and Georgia Miller was built in 1928 in Colonial Revival style, surrounded by parkland and ravine. You can visit this place in Toronto, but it’s been rented out for residents.

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The Wellsbury High School

The Wellsbury High School from the series is located in the Rustic neighborhood of Toronto. It’s known as “Boylen Collegiate Institute,” a higher secondary school facility. The school is in disuse, and it had been active from 1966 to 2016. The yellow sculpture of The Wellsbury High School is specially added only for the series. If you want to pay a visit to Ginny Miller’s school, go ahead. But don’t expect Ginny to be there.

Ginny & Georgia Filming location – Wellsbury High School

The Blue Farm Café

The Blue farm Café from the series is a Spanish restaurant located at 74 King Street, Cobourg. All the streets and stores are of Canadian names and Canadian flags. But all those names and flags are changed into American, just for the series. Locals are also played along without any objection. Georgia takes Ginny to a bowling club in the series, which is a real place located as Cobourg bowling club in Victoria Park.

The first episodes of the series revolve around the mom and daughter without any sign of dad. Don’t jump to the conclusion that Ginny’s dad is dead. In episode 7 of the series, Ginny’s dad Zion pays a visit to Miller’s house by crossing a bridge on his motorcycle. That bridge is called Old Mill Bridge, located in Toronto.

The actual places are located in Toronto, Canada, but it is not Canadian-based TV series. It’s a Netflix original series American-based High school drama TV series. Anya Adams, who is the director of Ginny & Georgia, took extreme precautions to make this series entirely American-based. She made sure every little detail of changing names and flags. Even the menu from Blue Farm Café isn’t a real menu. In reality, it is a Spanish restaurant with Spanish foods.

Ginny & Georgia Filming Location – The House

Ginny & Georgia is a huge hit among Netflix series. The high school drama with a mysterious mom is the series highlight. Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia is streaming on Netflix now, and it’s continuing to stream with more episodes.

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